Welcome to Product Marketing Maestros: Tales From the Front Lines. In this episode, host Nitin Kartik, Director of Product Marketing at Carbyne, is joined by Derek Osgood, founder of Ignition, a collaborative go-to-market platform. 

Derek, a former marketing exec, shares his expertise and reveals the power of product marketing through real-world stories.

Derek's journey spans major brands like PlayStation to being an early hire at Rippling, where he played a pivotal role in scaling the company to a $7 billion valuation. With over 100 product launches under his belt, Derek's experience uniquely positions him to navigate the challenges of bringing new products to market.

Derek walks us through a memorable case study from early in his career, tackling the fiercely competitive market of mobile keyboard apps. Facing the daunting task of standing out among giants, Derek talks about how they leveraged a creative and cost-effective approach, resulting in a Guinness World Record and a staggering 10 million app downloads.

About Derek Osgood

As a classically trained brand marketer with an entrepreneur's mindset and varied experience leading teams in the startup growth trenches, Derek blends analytical, strategic, and creative approaches in a way most tech marketers can't. 

As both a marketing executive and consultant, he’s consistently delivered double-digit monthly growth across a variety of markets and business models.

Derek is an exec with wide-ranging marketing acumen and skills. His toolkit was built owning giant P&Ls at PlayStation and honed by relentlessly executing at startups. It spans the entire spectrum of marketing disciplines, including go-to-market, segmentation, product positioning, user acquisition and engagement, integrated offline marketing, digital performance marketing, creative development, and product management.

Key Takeaways

  • Why differentiation is critical in a crowded mobile app market
  • How taking creative risks can unlock huge growth
  • Why earning media exposure can validate your positioning
  • Why most positioning fails to resonate with customers

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