This article was taken from a presentation for the Product Marketing Summit, Austin, 2021 by Colin Thurmond, Director of Solutions Marketing at Bazaarvoice. Catch up on all presentations with our OnDemand feature.

One of the things I want to address today is the inflection point that many of us have as we're growing an enterprise company. It’s a problem of scale: how do we build our product marketing organizations as we grow?

I'm going to be looking at this very much through an enterprise B2B lens, and the approach that I'm going to take is a case study. So, rather than just thinking abstractly about big concepts, I'm going to be talking very practically about what our problems were and how we solved them.

Of course, there's some danger in the case study approach. It may not be 100% applicable to everyone at every company, but hopefully, you’ll be able to glean some useful nuggets and steal some ideas for your organization. I’m going to do my best to dig into the “how” and the challenges and give you something that you can work with.