Any product marketer will testify that for all the excitement that comes with launching a product, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it.

In fact, 81% of respondents who took part in the State of Go-to-Market Report 2022 said product marketing leads the Go-to-Market process - so we figured we’d tilt a hat to the PMMs with a specialist award paying homage to those who’ve poured their blood, sweat, and tears in product launches this year.

This was always going to be a hotly contested category, and with a whopping 18 unique nominations, product marketing’s incredible impact on product launches launch was clear to see.

We’re delighted to confirm that the winner of the Product Launch of the Year award is…

Madison Leonard, Head of PLG Product Marketing at Vanta, and former Product Marketing Lead at ClickUp! Madison knocked it out of the park whilst working on the launch of ClickUp Whiteboards.

Many congratulations to Madison and all the team and ClickUp! Here are just a few of the reasons why you’re the well-deserved recipient of this award.

ClickUp Whiteboards targeted mostly product and marketing teams, as well as creative agencies. Whiteboards went live in early April and were testing the impact that Whiteboards would have on ClickUp's retention and activation of new users, validating the hypothesis that Whiteboards would be a top growth lever for ClickUp.

The product had a significant impact on both customer retention and conversion to paid.

So, what did Madison’s colleagues have to say?

“I've never had a PMM deliver such a thoughtful, well-rounded new product launch.”
“Madison oversaw and demonstrated great leadership in alignment amongst product, engineering, marketing, and other GTM teams.”
“She’s a rockstar.”
“Having worked at a bunch of other tech companies, I can say hands down this was the best launch I've ever been a part of!”
“Madison is a phenomenal partner to work with! She just gets it.”

Wow, praise indeed! Over to your Madison…

👏 Sartaj Kaur, Senior. Product Marketing Manager at Zendesk
👏 Crystal Allen, Executive Director of Customer Engagement at CSG
👏 Erik Mansur, Vice President of Product Marketing at Crayon
👏 Cecelia Xu, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Comscore
👏 Amit Alagh, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LexisNexis

But this wasn’t the only award that we’re honoring this year, we had six other hotly contested categories in the mix: