It’s that time of year again, we’re announcing the Product Marketing Awards 2022 winners.

We already know that there's a huge amount of talent across the field of product marketing and within our community but we were truly blown away by the number of detailed nominations we received for this year's awards.

Across our seven categories, we received over 250 nominations outlining the amazing achievements of PMM superstars from around the world.

Our Newcomer of the Year Award earmarks the product marketers who are sending ripples of excitement through the industry.

We’re delighted to see the product marketing community continuing to grow and wanted to highlight the achievements of some of those newcomers who have proven they don’t need a lot of time to make a big impact.

And now, for the big announcement, I am delighted to confirm that the winner is…

Zach Roberts, Product Marketing Manager at Dropbox! 🎉

A huge congratulations, Zach! Here’re just a few of the reasons why you're the well-deserved recipient of this award.

In just under two years, Zach has gone from strength to strength as a key influencer in the product marketing team at Dropbox. But why did Zach transition to a PMM role from a sales background?

“To help execute launches for sellers to build more meaningful customer interactions. I've really enjoyed learning more about the target customer profile for whatever launch we needed to execute.
"Launches fail if they don't speak to our customer's world. A lesson I learned as a former seller. This drives me to be a better product marketer each day.”

Suffice it to say, he’s a worthy recipient of this award, and we’ve no doubt his awesome work will continue into 2023 (and beyond!)

As for his biggest achievement to date, Zach was instrumental in launching a sales campaign focused on reducing security risks associated with remote collaboration for our existing customer base.

“This launch took place in April 2022. I like to think I took a scientific approach to this problem: ‘How can we help our customers minimize cybersecurity vulnerabilities related to remote collaboration?’
“This question guided me across several analyst reports, 12 sales interviews, and reviews of existing product messaging to nail our position: ‘IT teams choose Dropbox to help minimize security risks through delivering a secure remote collaboration solution employees enjoy.’
“This position informed our GTM strategy and subsequent assets needed to build out the customer journey from start to close. This included two net-new customer assets, an infographic that spoke to market challenges related to remote collaboration, and a one-pager that gave a high-level overview of how Dropbox helps solve those pains; customer targeting lists, and social selling assets for sellers to engage prospects across their respective LinkedIn networks.
“The Q2 results alone smashed our annual sales targets for that play. It was exciting to hear the feedback from both customers and sellers on how this play resonated. It is an experience I always look back at with joy."

And we know exactly what you’re thinking: it wouldn’t be a real award without an acceptance speech, would it? 😏

Many congratulations again to Zach Roberts and to all those who also made the shortlist:

👏 Chris Nachman, Product Marketing Manager at Fireblocks

👏 Travis Breier, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Demandbase

👏 Laura Mavrias, Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Expedia Group

👏 Iva Anušić, Product Marketing Specialist at Mediatoolkit

👏 Nora Matty, Product Marketing Manager at Brandwatch

👏 Emily Winter, Product Marketing Manager at Everlaw

👏 Bingying Lyu, Product Marketing Manager at RELEX Solutions

But this wasn’t the only award that we’re honoring this year, we had six other hotly contested categories in the mix: