Get the inside scoop on life as a solo product marketing manager and how this compares to being part of a team.

In this episode, host Mark Assini is joined by two guests, Stuti Dutt, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Compass Digital, and Kevin Chan, Director of Product Marketing at Fleetio.

During their chat, Stuti, Kevin, and Mark explore what it takes to not just survive, but excel as a product marketer, both as a solo PMM or as part of a team. Stuti and Kevin have worked on their own and as part of a larger group, so they have experienced the benefits and challenges of both dynamics. 

Stuti gives us the lowdown on flying solo, like the need to work cross-functionally and build strong relationships across the organization. Kevin echoes the perks of cross-functional relationships that solo PMMs can use to test-drive ideas quickly. 

But it can get lonely without a squad to strategize with.

‎Product Marketing Life: Lone wolf or pack mentality? The pros and cons of solo PMMing | Stuti Dutt and Kevin Chan on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Product Marketing Life, Ep Lone wolf or pack mentality? The pros and cons of solo PMMing | Stuti Dutt and Kevin Chan - Oct 27, 2023

Key takeaways

  • How to build strong cross-functional relationships when you're a solo PMM. 
  • Why you need to create a PMM charter to stay focused.
  • How to watch out for mental health red flags and why joining groups like PMA can help.
  • How to get buy-in from leadership.
  • Why you need to quantify your impact as a solo PMM. 
  • How to grow the PMM function over time. 

About our guests 

Stuti Dutt, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Compass Digital

Stuti brings over 8 years of experience driving product strategy and market leadership for global tech companies. Currently, Stuti leads product marketing for Compass Digital, a company supporting emerging tech solutions for North America's leading food and support services companies. 

Previously, Stuti shaped product roadmaps and go-to-market plans for AI, healthcare, and CRM solutions at innovative startups and enterprises. 

As an insightful leader, Stuti is dedicated to establishing best-in-class product marketing functions. Her expertise includes product roadmaps, strategy, positioning, customer segmentation, and GTM strategies with a human-centric approach. Outside of product marketing, Stuti is an avid mentor focused on helping aspiring marketers advance their careers.

Kevin Chan, Director of Product Marketing at Fleetio

Kevin is a creator of high-performing teams, delivering go-to-market excellence and successful positioning. With over 15 years of experience, he specializes in developing marketing foundations for B2B tech companies through leadership, go-to-market strategy, messaging, market intelligence, and customer lifecycle marketing advocacy. 

Kevin brings a unique blend of stakeholder engagement, strategic marketing, and relationship-building skills honed in the public and private sectors.

An insightful speaker and writer, Kevin is passionate about advancing the product marketing profession through thought leadership and mentorship. He's a firm believer in the power of trust, teamwork, and a customer-centric mindset. Outside of product marketing, you can find Kevin staying active and enjoying the great outdoors.

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