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Competitive intelligence at the speed of DevOps

Competitive Intelligence

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*Since this presentation, Clinton Sprauve has left GitLab and is now Director of Product Marketing at Tricentis*

Doing product marketing at a startup can be challenging, throw competitive intelligence into the mix and it gets that much harder.

In this article, I’ll discuss competitive intelligence at a startup framed in my experience at GitLab, how it affects overall marketing, and share the tools, techniques, and resources we used to get competitive intel information across the DevOps lifecycle.

My name's Clinton Sprauve, I'm from the US, based in Texas. I work for a very hot startup, what some people call a unicorn. I focus on competitive intelligence and this can be a challenge.

To do product marketing at a startup can be very challenging anyway but when your role is competitive intelligence, it's even added to that. What I want to talk to you about is competitive intelligence at a start-up and how it affects marketing overall.

In this article, I'll be:

  • Defining competitive intelligence
  • Discussing competitive intelligence tools, techniques, and resources
  • Outlining competitive intelligence lessons

What is competitive intelligence?

As product marketers, we all are involved in competitive intelligence, we have to do it in some form or fashion. It's just part of the description. So what is competitive intelligence?

Written by:

Clinton Sprauve

Clinton Sprauve

Clinton Sprauve is the Director of Product Marketing at Tricentis. He's a specialist in software sales and is a product marketing leader.

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Competitive intelligence at the speed of DevOps