Recently, Klue announced a headline partnership with the Product Marketing Alliance (PMA) for their Competitive Intelligence Summit on June 8, an organization dedicated to enabling the success and professional development of product marketers everywhere.

With thousands of dedicated members representing some of the world's biggest brands, PMA has made quick and impressive progress towards its ongoing goal of elevating the product marketing discipline.

Klue provides a lens into your competitor’s world, continuously updating and connecting dots to help you win more business. It’s a new way to capture, manage, and communicate market insights from the web and across the company, in platforms you already use.

Richard King, Founder of Product Marketing Alliance, shared his excitement, stating:

“Competitive enablement is a total game-changer within the product marketing world. It gives us the opportunity to bring the entire company on board with executing strong competitive intelligence (CI) and effectively winning the market.
“That’s why competitive enablement tools like Klue are incredibly useful for product marketers, and companies in general, because it helps them to truly revolutionize their CI approach, and push them towards success.
“We’re so pleased to announce this partnership because it’s going to completely transform how we deliver expert insights and best practices to our audience. We can’t wait to collaborate with Klue to equip fellow product marketers with the best knowledge possible to enhance and streamline their PMM functions.”

Jason Smith, CEO at Klue:

“The way businesses compete is evolving. And product marketing is core to this.
We’re excited to partner with the Product Marketing Alliance at the CI Summit to share what the best in competitive enablement are doing to put their organizations in a position to win their respective markets.
The goal for this Summit is for every product marketer in attendance to take something tangible away that’ll level up how they run competitive enablement, and empower them to get their competitive programs a well-earned seat at the leadership table.”

About Klue
Klue was founded by 15+ year industry veterans Jason Smith and Sarathy Naicker in 2015. Every company has competitors. Their data is scattered across the enterprise in emails, chats, docs and powerpoints, and across the web in digital footprints left by companies and their employees. Yet deals continue to be lost to competitors we should be smarter about. There is no easy way to bring internal and external data together and leverage it across the enterprise. Klue are changing that, by enabling the collection, curation and distribution of competitive intel that teams actually use.

About Product Marketing Alliance
Product Marketing Alliance was founded in 2019 as an organization on a mission to unite product marketers across the globe, all with the shared goal of driving the demand, adoption, and overall success of their products. PMA offers membership plans, a Slack community, certified courses, podcasts, articles, awards, templates and frameworks, global summits, on-demand video, in-person meet-ups, and a library of industry-leading reports. The collective is home to some of the world's biggest brands, including Google, Adobe, Shopify, Microsoft, and HubSpot.