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“The best thing you can do to give back to the community and feel like you belong together”

Case studies | Mentor Program

In this case study, we’ll detail the experiences of two PMM pros, Div Manickam and Aline Bezerra, delving into their experiences with our mentorship and menteeship programs.

Div is a mindful soul and a believer in simplicity. She enjoys sharing experiences on career growth, authentic leadership, mindfulness, mental well-being, and product marketing. 

Taking a leap into the unknown, Div has published books on her journey, and published Mastering the art and science of product marketing in 2022. She’s passionate about empowering folks to be their best selves.

Div has led product marketing efforts in startups and Fortune 500 technology companies for 10+ years. She is also recognized as one of the Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers (2019-23) by the Product Marketing Alliance.

Aline’s an accomplished B2B product marketer with a passion for cross-functional collaboration, often signing off emails with her #BetterTogether slogan to promote teamwork amongst colleagues. 

She’s the voice of the customer, creating GTM plans for growth, positioning, and re-positioning & messaging for digital products, solutions, and services. 

As a product marketer, she has worked across a variety of different industries, from electronic trade documentation and shipbuilding software to blockchain and eCommerce solutions.

Now that you’ve learned a little about the experts themselves, let’s dive into their experiences.

How did you find out about the PMA Mentorship program?

Div: I came across the PMA mentorship program in June 2020, as I was looking at an opportunity to give back to the community.

Aline: I heard a colleague mention “My mentor suggested that I do X” in 2020, while I was working for Infobip. I asked who their mentor was, and that’s when I learned about the PMA mentorship program.

What was your motivation for joining this program?

Div: I wanted to help people in product marketing and empower them to be their best selves.

Aline: I was looking to achieve two things: Improve my work-life balance and enhance my professional growth. I believe that learning from experienced mentors helps one to grow and stay innovative in their role, regardless of their level of seniority.

What have you enjoyed most since joining?

Div: I enjoyed each conversation from product marketing to work environments to work-life balance, demands, and expectations. Each conversation uplifted me and gave me a sense of purpose.

Aline: I appreciate the fact that the platform helps you make meaningful connections, it helps you to find the right match for you. Through it, I not only found a great mentor but also a wonderful friend for life. 

How have you helped other PMMs reach their true potential?

Div: I'm humbled by the opportunity to connect with amazing folks in product marketing around the world. I have been able to help folks with their resume reviews and job search as well as day-to-day questions in navigating product marketing from messaging and positioning to product launch and beyond.

Did this program help you reach your true potential?

Aline: Yes, it helped me to be confident, to deal with impostor syndrome and many other things. Div asked me to set OKRs for myself and that was life-changing.

Have you gained any fresh perspectives from your protégé/mentor?

Div: I always think of this as a two-way learning. Just as much as I'm sharing my experiences, I'm learning every day from my mentees and it's a true privilege to be a part of their life.

Aline: I always knew mental health and work-life balance were important, but I didn’t know how small changes could impact the way you think and make decisions. It was eye-opening, and now, I'm the priority; my mental health comes first.

What was the best advice you received from your mentor? 

Aline: To set boundaries because my mental health is key to having a happy life and being a great PMM. 

Div asked me to set up alarms at the end of my working day to remind me it is time to prepare things to switch off, set another one to actually switch off, and block my lunch times to avoid meetings. She would check on me. It was hard at the beginning, but once I managed, wow! Even my productivity got better. 

Has this program helped you to network?

Div: Just as I connected with folks who are looking to get started in product marketing or grow in their career, I've also connected with peers and other leaders. I’ve met some amazing inspiring folks who encouraged me to be better every day.

Aline: My mentor, Div, encouraged me to participate in the PMM talks and other company presentations to practice (as public speaking was one of my OKRs). I met great people during the talks and loved it. 

She also suggested reaching out to people on my LinkedIn for help/support, for example, if I'm looking for a job and have a connection working in the company, to have a chat with them to learn more or maybe even get a referral.

All these things helped me with networking, something I'm not great at.

How have these programs impacted your professional growth?

Div: This mentorship program gave me the starting point to really see mentoring as my “Ikigai.”

And gave me the confidence that what I do matters. And that I can use the time to make a difference in someone's life and career.

Aline: My mentor shared a lot of her experiences with me – how she would approach things, and what did and didn’t work. Her content and books are also very helpful, human, and personal. 

Div encouraged me to give back to the community, and I became a mentor. I still learn from my mentees and it is so nice when you can help.

I'm always growing professionally, it never stops.

How has this program helped you overcome a professional challenge?

Div: I was having my doubts in 2020 when I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Mentoring became my fulfillment and meaning in life. It gave me a reason to wake up every morning and do something good and help folks in need.

Aline: I was super stressed and trying to find some kind of work-life balance. It got to a point where I was thinking of leaving the job, and my mentor helped me a lot to navigate through this and make the right decision. 

So, the mentorship was not only about learning more about product marketing but also about learning how to deal with workload and stress. It was always nice to see Div on Zoom with all her butterflies in the background.

How have you’ve helped your protégé overcome a professional challenge?

Div: I have met mentees who have their doubts who are questioning their abilities and whether they are good enough. I have seen folks go from I'm not sure to I got this. This is why I do what I do to empower folks to be their best authentic selves.

One of my mentees had a challenge at work on how to share their interest in growing in their career and taking on new projects. We brainstormed some ideas and she was able to convince her manager on the path forward.

I'm so proud of her and the journey ahead.

How do you see the value of this mentorship program in comparison to other programs you're part of?

Div: There are so many mentoring programs out there and I'm lucky to be a part of many of them. 

As I look at the PMA mentorship program, it's a platform to connect with other product marketing leaders and learn from each other in ways we couldn't otherwise.

Aline: I believe training and workshop programs offer valuable insights, but the one-on-one support and advice from mentors provide tailored solutions to your specific needs/challenges. 

A mentorship program fosters a deep, ongoing relationship that goes beyond general skill-building; it offers a more individualized approach and support.

What would you say to fellow PMMs considering gaining a mentor/mentee?

Div: Mentoring is the best thing you can do to give back to the community and to feel like you belong together. I encourage everyone to have a mentor and to be a mentor for someone who is taking the same strides as you did today.

Aline: I would strongly encourage fellow product marketing professionals to consider having mentors to support them along their journey, regardless of their level of expertise. Having mentors creates a great support system and can be a transformative experience. 

You accelerate your learnings, gain networking opportunities, receive guidance for career development, build confidence, and establish a long-term relationship with a supportive friend.

Any final thoughts?

Div: Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience. We can all help each other and uplift each other on days when things don't seem to go right and you need someone to reach out to.

That's the power of mentoring. And I'm grateful to be a part of this beautiful program.

Keen to become part of our mentorship programs?

Whether you’re looking to learn from others, guide fellow product marketers, or both, our mentorship program’s got something for everyone.

Become a mentor

📈 Help other product marketers reach their potential

😇 Give back to the community and leave your own legacy

🤔 Gain fresh perspectives and learn from your protégé

🤝 Level up your career and forge new, lasting relationships


Become a mentee

👩🏽‍💻 Tap into invaluable expertise and advance your career

👌🏻 Pick a mentor perfectly suited to your circumstances

✅ Complete, confidential 1:1 time to ask what you want

⬆️ Grow your network and learn from topic-specific specialists

💯 Solve problems and up-skill with 100% confidence


Written by:

Stevie Langford

Stevie Langford

As a Senior Copywriter here at Product Marketing Alliance, Stevie loves to create content that's captivating, compelling, and informative. She's always open to new ideas, so feel free to get in touch!

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“The best thing you can do to give back to the community and feel like you belong together”