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In the fast-paced world of event marketing, the real game-changer often lies in capturing the magic of your event in promotional videos. 

You know that you’re hosting an extraordinary experience, but the trick is to communicate this to your target audience, instilling excitement and anticipation – as well as de-risking a serious investment of time and money on their part.

If you're a product marketer looking to create some buzz around a new launch, or an event marketer hoping to attract a packed house, event promotion videos should be your new BFFs. 

This is precisely where Vocal Video steps in – an all-in-one video creation platform that makes it easy to collect and edit customer testimonial videos like a pro. This is a game-changer for product marketers (PMMs) seeking to make their mark in the industry.

The relationship between event marketing and product marketing

Event marketing and product marketing are two important strategies that work hand-in-hand to promote a business's offerings. 

Events allow potential customers to directly experience a product or service first-hand, providing hands-on product exposure, raising initial interest, and providing demonstrations. This experiential marketing creates excitement and buzz around new product launches or brand initiatives.

For example, Apple is known for hosting major media events to unveil new iPhones. These high-profile product announcements generate anticipation and coverage for each new device.

Meanwhile, product marketing focuses on educating potential customers about product benefits and use cases, fleshing out the story behind the physical items, and nurturing continued engagement by communicating broader value propositions

The two strategies are mutually reinforcing, and effective implementation of both events and product marketing is key for successfully promoting new offerings, building brand affinity, and driving sales.

Now that we've established the importance of event promotion videos, let's explore how Vocal Video simplifies the process, making it accessible to even those without extensive video production experience.

The power of event promotion videos

Elevate event registration with preview videos

Engaging your audience and industry with the words of your speakers, performers, and sponsors is a sure-fire way to engage them.

Providing a sneak peek

Imagine offering a tantalizing glimpse into your event, sparking curiosity among attendees, and offering up a taste of what's to come. These preview videos are the perfect recipe for getting prospective attendees hyped up and driving early registrations.

A word from past attendees

Showcase testimonials from past attendees – it’s one thing telling people how great you are, but it’s even better when it comes, authentically, from someone who’s already attended one of your events. Let them sing your praises and share their experiences in their own words. Providing genuine reviews packs some serious marketing punch and builds buzz for your future events.

Testimonials shot on site

Capture the energy and atmosphere of your event with attendee testimonials shot right then and there. Showcasing all the action and excitement is a surefire way to pull people in.

Shout it from the rooftops

Once your masterful event promo videos are good to go, spread them far and wide across your channels. Getting the word out is key to maximizing your reach and making sure these videos shine bright.

Create show-stopping videos that resonate

Captivate with stories

Why settle for boring slideshows when you can inject some real emotion into your event promotions? Begin your video journey by gathering compelling stories from past attendees or speakers. Testimonials carry the authenticity and emotion that can make your event promotions truly resonate. 

Customization at your fingertips

Make sure to customize your videos to fit your specific event or product. Tailor your visuals, branding, music, and messaging to align with your goals. Put your unique stamp on every frame.

Vocal Video offers a diverse range of 46 customizable video collector templates, meticulously organized by event type. These templates are designed to facilitate a seamless process of gathering testimonials.

Tailored questions for impact

Crafting the perfect video is all about asking the right questions. If you ask the right questions, you’ll be able to elicit the reactions and feedback you need to put together promo videos that seriously impress. 

Vocal Video comes equipped with questions tailored to elicit top-quality responses from your respondents, ensuring your event promotion videos are nothing short of spectacular. From capturing the essence of the event to highlighting unique experiences, Vocal Video's questions are designed to create impactful content.

Custom calls to action

Don't be afraid to highlight your call to action within the videos. Dropping in a link to your product page, booking portal or mailing list can persuade viewers to convert then and there.

Vocal Video enables you to include a custom call-to-action button on the final collector page. It's a strategic move that allows conference or event organizers to seamlessly link to their booking portal, website, or mailing list, encouraging attendees to participate in their next event. This is where conversion happens.

Live preview for perfection

Throughout the customization process, Vocal Video provides a live preview of your collector, ensuring every detail aligns perfectly with your brand's identity and vision. It's about precision and attention to detail and reflecting your brand's essence.

Streamlined video editing and sharing

Soundtrack of success

Music can totally transform a video, so start by picking some awesome tunes to set the mood. With Vocal Video, you can access a library of licensed tracks or even upload your own music that expresses your brand’s style and offers a personalized touch.

Dynamic visuals

Keep your viewers glued to the screen with slick transitions and animations that add visual flair. Dynamic movement and effects will ensure your videos pop off the screen. In the digital age we live in, our attention spans are short, and every second counts when you’re trying to break through the noise of fast-scrolling content.

Branding beyond borders

Dial up your branding by adding your logo, color palette, typography, and more. Seamlessly weaving in your visual identity will tie the videos back to your company or product. You can create the most engaging video out there, but viewers need consistency and to know whose video they’re watching.

Tweak with ease

Editing is a key part of video creation, whether it’s tweaking colors, themes, text, subtitles, video length, or modifying aspect ratios, subtitles, and even the order of clips, flexibility is the name of the game, and Vocal Video gives you full creative control.

Highlight the best moments

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) – it doesn’t matter what type of content creator you are, viewers will often want a shortened version of what you have to offer. Vocal Video’s 'Add Scene' feature within the editor allows you to insert clips from different respondents or footage from your event, so you can craft highlight reels that showcase specific moments that pack a punch.

Unlock the potential of testimonial galleries

Carousel and slideshow galleries

Carousels and slideshows are perfect for prominently featuring a handful of videos on your homepage, landing page, or booking page. Display your most compelling content front and center in a horizontal layout that seamlessly integrates with your website.

Testimonial carousels often find their home at the bottom of pages, serving as compelling social proof – and the trust needed – to prompt visitors to take action.

List galleries

List galleries help to guide viewers on their journey, encouraging them to check out video after video, keeping them hooked with binge-worthy video content. These galleries are perfect for maintaining engagement. It's about storytelling, and list galleries enable you to narrate your story effectively.

Wall of love and grid galleries

These formats let you display a number of videos at once, showing off the breadth of experiences at your event or reactions to your product launch.

They embrace a mosaic-like approach, showing video cards of different sizes to create a visually engaging effect. It's about making a statement, and Vocal Video's galleries ensure your testimonials are impossible to ignore.

The benefits of event promotion videos

Now that we've explored the impressive features of Vocal Video, let's delve into the tangible benefits of incorporating event promotion videos into your marketing strategy.

  1. Creating anticipation and excitement

Event promotion videos have the unique ability to create a buzz among your target audience. By offering a sneak peek into your event, you kindle the curiosity of prospective attendees. This sense of anticipation can lead to early registrations and heightened interest in your event.

  1. Building trust and credibility

Social proof goes a long way. Testimonials and authentic stories from past attendees carry immense weight in the world of event marketing. When you showcase authentic feedback through video, you're not just telling potential attendees about the value of your event; you're showing them.

  1. Highlighting unique selling points (USPs)

Every event has USPs – those aspects that set it apart from the competition. Event promotion videos allow you to demonstrate your product’s features and add value. Whether it's the caliber of speakers, the exclusive experiences, or the key takeaways, seeing the product in action adds major credibility.

  1. Encouraging action

Ultimately, the goal of event marketing is to encourage action – you want your target audience to register for your event, sign up for updates, and share the event with their network. Event promotion videos are powerful calls to action. They not only inform but also inspire individuals to take the next step. 

A final note on the power of event promotion videos

Whether you're a product marketer looking to generate buzz or an event marketer hoping to attract a crowd, event promotion videos bring the magic. 

These powerful marketing assets tell your brand's story through the eyes of real people. They’re the catalysts that transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences. So take advantage of everything event promo videos have to offer. 

With its innovative features and user-friendly approach, Vocal Video offers endless possibilities to take your marketing to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your audience. You can try out their platform totally free here.

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