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Turn product marketing into a strategic and competitive powerhouse

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This article was adapted from Sonduren’s presentation at the Product Marketing Summit in Vancouver.

Hi, my name is Sonduren, and today I'm going to talk about competitive intelligence. I'm a very competitive guy, so this is a really exciting topic for me. More than that, it’s very important to your product positioning.

I'm going to be using examples from Airbase of how we differentiate and help our sales team compete in an ever-evolving competitive landscape. I also want to share how you can make product marketing into an even more strategic function and guarantee it a spot at the table.

Particularly, I'll hone in on the following areas of discussion:

  • How to make your brand stand out in a crowded market
  • Using competitive differentiation to hone in on your market
  • How to support product, sales, customer success, and marketing through competitive intelligence
  • Earning validation through reviews
  • Tracking the outcomes of your competitive intelligence program

Written by:

Sonduren Fanarredha

Sonduren Fanarredha

Sonduren Fanarredha is the Director of Product Marketing at Airbase.

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Turn product marketing into a strategic and competitive powerhouse