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Improve your product marketing skills this World Poetry Day

We’re delighted to send you, from team PMA,

The warmest of wishes, on World Poetry Day!

We’re wearing our rhyme hat, for 24 hours,

And showing off our greatest, lyrical powers.

Don’t be shy, take a nosy at our unrivaled collection,

Of PMM content - it’s a mighty selection!

From articles, reports, and insightful podcasts,

To eBooks and guides, your choices are vast.

Build GTM strategies sure to impress,

With top tips from Holly, from AWS.

Perhaps you’re more of an in-person type?

Then indulge in our summits, and hop on a flight.

Or, if you and your home are attached at the hip,

Get your PMMfixx, with a PMA membership…

If you’re a leader, manning the fort,

We’ve got you covered, with our Leadership Report.

Alternatively, if you’re a CI specialist,

Check out our tips and tools - it’s an impressive list.

Whatever your needs, whatever your role,

PMM Hired will help you reach your goal.

Learn how to deal with no end of matters,

And fine-tune your skills, with PMM Masters.

Looking for the best PMM lit to exist?

Then you’ll be in heaven, with our lengthy book list.

Discover your worth - don’t wait until later,

Crunch the numbers with our salary calculator.

We’re in it together, we embrace unity,

Just ask the lovely members of our Slack community.

We’ve covered all bases, you’ll soon be sparkling,

As the créme de la creme, of product marketing.

Written by:

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence is our Copywriter here at PMA who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and enthralled. He's always open to feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you!

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Improve your product marketing skills this World Poetry Day