Getting your messaging and positioning right is essential to winning in crowded and/or fast-growing markets.

To succeed, knowing why and how customers are buying, and why they're choosing you or a competitor, is critical - across verticals, use cases, personas and segments.

The challenge: it's 2021, and data collection is manual, resource-intensive, and expensive.

Join product marketing leaders from Nutanix and Workato to learn:

  • How category leaders are leveraging buyer intelligence to improve marketing effectiveness and Go-To-Market alignment.
  • Various methods for acquiring buyer intelligence and the pros & cons of each.
  • How machine learning can automate feedback on your messaging and positioning across all wins and losses.

This webinar is being host by Tribyl. We'll see quick demos of how Tribyl’s Buyer Intelligence Platform is helping marketers with messaging/positioning, demand generation and enablement.

P.S. Don't forget to stick around for Q&As at the end!


Anand Akela, Vice President at Nutanix
Anand currently leads GTM strategy and Solutions marketing. Previously VP of product marketing at Tricentis, he has held various product marketing, product management and engineering roles at CA Technologies, AppDynamics, Oracle and HP. Anand is an accomplished speaker and author.  

Tridivesh Sarangi, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Workato
Currently, Tridi focuses on product evangelism, messaging, positioning and competitive intelligence at Workato.  Prior to that, he has been a product leader at Apple, PayPal, and eBay, and startups.

Sanjeev Somani, Founder and CEO of Tribyl
Prior to founding Tribyl, Sanjeev led go-to-market strategy and operations for Salesforce's App Cloud, and helped it grow 4x to $1Bn+. Sanjeev has over 20 years experience in B2B sales, product and strategy roles, including McKinsey, IBM, and start-ups.