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Nailing product positioning is a key goal for every product marketer.

But just how do you:

  • Find your place in the market
  • Make yourself heard
  • Differentiate your product

Well, easier said than done, right?

Watch PMM Talks discussion to hear from our product marketing leaders how they have approached positioning, their wins, failures, and everything in between.

We chatted to them about:

  • Defining your product’s USP
  • Knowing when and why to consider repositioning
  • Positioning across different markets and geographies
  • Product vs. portfolio positioning

Meet the speakers:

Sunny Dhami, VP, Product Marketing at Sinch

Sunny Dhami is the VP, Product Marketing at Sinch where he heads up the global product marketing function. A valued PMA Ambassador and Mentor, Sunny has also held PMM roles at RingCentral and Vodafone. Sunny is based in London.

Ali Wiezbowski, Director of Product Marketing at Peloton Interactive

Ali is the Director of Product Marketing at Peloton Interactive. She leads bike & portfolio product marketing globally, including partnering with product to define & launch roadmap, as well as increasing sales and member engagement via global campaigns.

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