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5 ways to compete like you mean it [webinar]


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Are you ready to compete at a level your rivals will never see coming?

Join Erik Mansur, VP of Product Marketing at Crayon, for a deep dive into best practices for monitoring your competitive landscape and using that intel to activate your entire organization.

Erik will help teach your team how to get off the sidelines and start building a sustainable advantage, utilizing CI to compete like you mean it.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Evaluate your industry environment and draw actionable insights
  • Communicate your intel to your empower your organization and promote synergy
  • Use your intel to build a robust action plan to gain sustainable advantage over your competition

About the speaker

Erik Mansur is the VP of Product Marketing at Crayon. A storyteller throughout his career, Erik had stints in radio (as a DJ), print (as a layout guy), concerts (as a digital marketer), before spending 10 years living that #startuplife at Nanigans and WordStream.

Erik lives with his family in Dedham, MA, and enjoys small batch bourbon, Manchester United, and talking about competitive intelligence to anyone who will listen.

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Crayon is a market and competitive intelligence company that enables businesses to track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside their four walls.

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5 ways to compete like you mean it [webinar]