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Crafting sales narratives that sell



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If your sales narrative doesn’t stick, nobody’s going to buy it.

Organizations that pitch features first are missing out on an opportunity to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. And they’re losing deals, too.

This talk unpacked how to flip the script on your sales narrative, and pivot from a product-selling to a solution-selling methodology.

Watch this PMMnow session as we cover:

✅ Using a best-in-breed framework - don't try to reinvent the wheel!
✅ Getting your sales team involved from the beginning
✅ Clarifying your value proposition and repositioning to become the best solution

About the speaker

Rebecca Engelberg is a Product Marketing Manager at Flybits. Rebecca received her B. Com from McGill University in Marketing and Global Strategy. She has experience in Saas startup world and in global enterprise organizations, conducting market analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategy consulting. She's also performed independent marketing and brand consulting for small businesses.

She has received recognition for critical thinking and entrepreneurship and regularly coaches how to give presentations.

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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Crafting sales narratives that sell