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GTM strategy is one of the staples of product marketing, and the one everybody can agree is the sole responsibility of the PMM.

Approaching it from a place of empathy for the pains we're addressing in our users and prospects, is a massive step towards success.

And as important - empathy towards your fellow professionals and partners on a GTM campaign, who possess the skills to elevate it far beyond what you alone can imagine.

Watch this PMMnow session as we cover:

✅ GTM Strategy and what it entails
✅ Crystalizing the main product benefits
✅ Applying empathy to product messaging & packaging
✅ Testing & establishing success
✅ Key stakeholders & how to enrol them

About the speaker

Jonathan Maimon is the Director of Product Marketing at Elementor. Prior to this role, he worked in product marketing at Wix.com.

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