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In order for real collaboration to take place and speed up commercialization, PMMs need to be involved much earlier in the innovation process.

As companies grows, silo structure can easily hinder this. Liza Collin, Director of Market Readiness, has created a framework to enable better collaboration through a Product Journey Mapping, resulting in earlier and more successful GTMs in many of Visma's Business Units.

Watch this PMMnow session as we cover:

✅ The ways to organise your team to reduce the time of your product cycle.
✅ The challenges of mapping a product journey.
✅ How to identify the key areas for improvement within the journey.

About the speaker

Liza Collin is the Director of Market Readiness at Visma. She spent 12 years in Product Management in Media, TelCo and Software before transferring to Product Marketing and the holistic approach of Market Readiness. Liza's responsibility is to enable and speed up growth through product marketing and GTM strategies for Visma's many business units. Last year Liza was named as a Global top 50 influencer in Product Marketing and has been ranked as one of the 50 most prominent tech women in Norway.

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