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"There is only one boss. The customer."

Watch this PMMnow session, and walk away with 6 strategic frameworks to source, centralise, analyse, communicate your customer feedback internally and externally, and most importantly - get you to be THE voice of the customer that drives alignment across the business.

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About the speaker:

Karim Zuhri, Head of Product Marketing and Research at SafetyCulture.

Karim currently leads Product Marketing for one of the most growing tech scale-ups in Australia, SafetyCulture, the makers of iAuditor platform, evolving with 25K customers globally (over 1M users) safety, quality & compliance and raising operational standards.

They have a product-led growth business model with freemium and free trial to get our customers started.

Karim's team is focused on business growth analysis, market and customer insights, segmentation analysis, pricing, positioning, GTM and product strategies.

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