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Engaging early career product marketers

On-Demand | Career stage | Recruitment

Date: October, Thursday 1
Time: 10am PST | 1pm EST | 5pm BST

Weekly free product marketing live session

Over 50% of Product Marketers are just beginning their career in product marketing. The 1-3 year professional is most at risk, as 43% of millennials early in their career will leave their current job within 2 years.

So, how do we engage them?

Join Nikita in her PMMnow session, as she discusses the importance of developing a persona for the early career professional in product marketing.

You will learn the 4 main areas that are important for engaging this group, how product marketing at IBM have incorporated them into their workflow, and why product marketing as a function is reliant on their success.

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You'll also learn:

  • Why early career professionals represent the future of product marketing
  • What early career professionals actually want
  • How to develop a persona for your company’s early career professional in product marketing
  • How to support early career professionals by creating comprehensive onboarding material, community engagement, skills enablement, and centralizing resources to progress their career

About the speaker:

Nikita Ajmera is a Product Marketing Strategist at IBM based in New York City.

She is an avid public speaker with a passion for disruptive innovation and creating stories that stick. Nikita is originally from Ohio and attended school at the University of Michigan, where she studied International Relations and Business with a Marketing focus.

She is an advocate for millennials in the workforce, diversity & inclusion, and women in the business. She is an active member of the Women at IBM NYC, leading the Digital Communications and Branding team. Outside of the office, her hobbies include the performing arts, water sports, and travel.

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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Engaging early career product marketers