The majority of product marketers have a love-hate relationship with competitive intelligence (CI). It’s foundational work that enables many of the downstream activities that we do. It’s also difficult to predict if and when the time we commit to it will create tangible value.

With a full plate of both strategic work to shepherd and cross-functional relationships to foster, how much CI is too much?

We’ll explore pursuing the Dao of Competitive Intelligence through a number of lenses in this PMMnow.

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We’ll quickly run through the different ways that competitive intelligence can benefit product marketers and their organizations, where those circles intersect and where they don’t. That framed, we’ll look at how different definitions of B2B, B2C, and B2B2C competitors suggest different conceptions of balance. We’ll explore what balance looks like as organizations scale from their first product marketer to large, multiplexed teams. And we’ll wrap up with some ideas on how to think about CI at a company level to handle all those different priorities and expectations.

Tom Heyes, Product Marketing Lead at Monitaur will be covering:

  • A wider perspective on competitive intelligence as a practice for product marketing
  • Perspective on what you need to do next to find balance in your CI efforts
  • Ideas on how to direct conversations about CI with your cross-functional colleagues
  • A few bad jokes about life in product marketing

About the speaker:

Tom Heyes, Product Marketing Lead at Monitaur.

Tom is a strategic marketing leader who loves digging in deep to create opportunities and drive revenue for B2B and B2B2C startups. He has led marketing from the ground floor and worked in product marketing in early to late stage startups, as well as working as a front-line sales and business development rep in enterprise software startups earlier in his career.

He is a big believer in getting the story for both company and product right because everything is easier after that. And he's a "full-stack" marketer who can do whatever is required to make the company successful: build the operations and tooling; plan go-to-market strategy and product launches; create key assets and collateral; as well as execute inbound and outbound campaigns.

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