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Product marketing is, without a doubt, one of the more flexible and adaptive of the marketing disciplines.

Depending on the needs of different teams and organizations, product marketers need to be creative, technical, and cross-functional to achieve their goals.

Sometimes, the skills needed to make an impact can be unexpected and PMs should draw from all of their experiences to maximize success.

In this session, we speak with Jenny Gomez, who started her first career in a field that might not seem to have much connection to the B2B tech space at first glance.

About the speaker

Jenny Gomez is the Director of Product Marketing for Lucidworks, which specializes in the Connected Experience Cloud, making it easier for companies to connect their data and insights across customer touchpoints.

Jenny began her professional marketing career as a social media content creator and strategist, working for entertainment and media clients, and pivoted to the ever-evolving work of ad tech before landing in the search world.

She lives in Durham, North Carolina where she enjoys exploring the South with her husband and rambunctious pup, Beatrix Kiddo.

Join the session to hear about what exactly she was doing before pivoting to product marketing!

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