Money. Dough. Cold hard cash.

Sure, it may not solve all of life’s problems, but it’s always nice to have a little bit of spending money burning a hole in your pocket.

Careers in product marketing are on the rise, and we’re not surprised in the slightest - it’s a path offering endless excitement and opportunities - and add to that, the pay packet isn’t too shabby either, particularly if you’re based in the US of A.

So, having earned your Product Marketing Manager (PMM) stripes as an Associate Product Marketing Manager, what’s the average PMM salary you can expect to earn?

A global comparison of a Product Marketing Manager salary

Referred to as the land of opportunity, it’s not unusual for starry-eyed professionals to head to the United States in search of a prosperous future, and PMMs are no exception to the rule, with earning potential in Uncle Sam’s backyard blowing every other region out of the water.

The average Product Marketing Manager salary in the US currently stands at $119,563 - almost double the average in Europe, where employees occupying the same role take home half this amount ($62,383, on average).

But in a country home to 328.2 million people, spanning fifty states, where should those in search of the big bucks head for a Product Marketing Manager salary to make their bank account swell and their wallet bulge?

Average Product Marketing Manager salary by US location

There’s no such thing as a fixed salary figure that’s attributed to a role and is applied to every worker, regardless of their geographical location. For example, in the UK, jobs in London often pay more money to allow for a higher cost of living, and the same principle applies to a Product Marketing Manager salary in the United States - PMMs in different cities earn different salaries, even though they occupy the same role.

It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

So, with this in mind, where do Product Marketing Managers earn the most money?

When comparisons were made between salaries in the top paying eight states, there’s a differential of $59,115 between San Jose, where a Product Marketing Manager salary can top $167,659, and Chicago where average earnings fall to $108,544.

Not exactly small change!

US Product Marketing Manager salary comparison

Cast your mind back to your last job hunt: the likelihood is that you were looking for roles at companies that paid the most money.

A Product Marketing Manager’s salary not only varies depending on location, earnings also differ from company to company. According to 2020 research, electronic design automation company Synopsys paid their Product Marketing Managers more than any other company, with their average salary of $207,246 surpassing salaries at companies such as eBay Inc. ($205,622), and PwC ($182,537).

Do B2B or B2C companies offer a higher average Product Marketing Manager salary?

When researched for the Product Marketing Salary Survey 2019, we found that Product Marketing Managers working at a US-based B2B company earned $2,559 less than those working at a US-based B2C company.

Product Marketing Managers earning their corn at a company serving both B2B and B2C customers earned an additional $2,878, on average.

How does a Product Marketing Manager salary change as a US company progresses?

A small start-up isn’t equipped to implement a wage structure akin to an accomplished company such as McCann or WPP Group, so how does a Product Marketing Manager salary for a PMM working stateside vary as a company begins to grow?

How does a Product Marketing Manager salary compare with similar professions?

If you’re a Product Marketing Manager bemoaning your salary, perhaps it’s time you reevaluated your stance and checked out the salaries of similar professions.

For example, on average, a US Growth Marketer earns in the region of $101,386 per year, 51% less than a top-earning Product Marketing Manager.

And the trend doesn’t show any signs of letting up when other professions are brought into the equation, with the average Product Marketing Manager salary ($119,563) surpassing the income of those occupying similar professions.

Sure, it’s not the end of the world for the Growth Marketers among us, who are earning 15.2% less than the average PMMs salary. However, a Product Marketing Manager salary could make E-Commerce Managers green with envy, given they’re earning 42% less than a US-based Product Marketing Manager.

How to become a Product Marketing Manager

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Remember, the bigger the role, the bigger the responsibility, and the bigger the pay packet.