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Empower yourself with the essential skills to transition to product marketing

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Product marketing is a cross-functional, dynamic, and rewarding profession that plays a crucial part in the success of any business. This course will give you the knowledge you need to start a career in this exciting and ever-evolving field.

Course overview

There’s no denying that moving into a different career path than the one you initially sought out is stressful.

But we have the remedy just for you. This course, Transitioning to PMM Certified: Fundamentals, has been designed to help you answer the age-old question: how do I get into product marketing?

Plus, our expert advice and indispensable frameworks will help you decide whether a career in product marketing is right for you. And by the end, you’ll be able to put together a plan to achieve your target goal, by exploring interview prep, knowledge gaps, and so on.

This course will help you improve the skills you need in a product marketing role such as cross-functional collaboration, time management, data analysis, project management, and so on to show how you can transition from your current role, into product marketing.

You’ll also have access to exclusive, real-world case studies that show how successful product marketing leaders from across the globe transitioned into the field and used their transferable skills to their advantage.

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By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

✅ Understand why and how someone may transition into product marketing.

🤔 Know for sure whether product marketing is the right path for you.

💰 Plan your move into PMM from other specific job roles, such as product management, sales, and marketing.

✅ Implement the essential skills you’ll need for product marketing success.

🤝 Understand product marketers’ key role during product launches and cross-functional collaboration.

✅ Confidently prepare for your first product marketing interview with our example interview questions.

"This course covers everything I wish I had known when I first made the transition into product marketing. Laying out the role and its responsibilities clearly to help you hit the ground running as a new PMM."

Elliott Rayner, Chief Marketing Officer at ARION

Stellar tuition from the best of the best...

Product Marketing Alliance is home to the world's largest product marketing community, and every course we create is built on the experience, knowledge, and success of the masses.

Our internal experts, external advisors, and enthusiastic community come together to create the most robust courses on the market, equipping you with the ultimate toolkit for growth.

From LinkedIn to Google to Spotify to HubSpot, expect to learn first-hand from industry heavyweights from start to finish.

"This course “Transitioning to PMM Certified: Fundamentals” is really helpful for folks figuring out how to get into Product Marketing from various domains. As a product marketing influencer, I am fortunate to help aspiring PMMs to be their best selves and be a voice in the world of Product Marketing.

"There are three skills for your lifetime of growth and I am a student forever - curiosity, empathy and openness.Curiosity - Like an alchemist, find the magic in serendipity and every day will be a new day.

"Empathy - Put yourself in another person’s shoes and be curious, ask why you feel differently.Openness - We need to work together to bring the best in each other and be open to new ideas and perspectives."
Div Manickam, Mentor and Product Marketing Influencer

What you’ll have access to with this course

  • In-depth OnDemand, instructor-led course content on all things transitioning to product marketing.
  • Bonus footage and articles from established PMMs from the likes of ARION, LinkedIn, and Corestack.
  • Downloadable and editable templates and frameworks to give you structure in your approach to transitioning into the role.
  • Optional coursework that’ll enhance your learning.
  • Certificate on completion of the course which you can proudly display on LinkedIn and other resumes.
  • 10% discount off all our other courses.
  • Discounted rate to our Pro Membership plans.
Transition with ease

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Product Marketing Alliance

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Empower yourself with the essential skills to transition to product marketing