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A year in review: Product Marketing Alliance in 2022

Happy New Year from all of us, at Product Marketing Alliance, to you! 🎉

Here’s to another year of raising the standard and putting product marketing right at the center of everything we’ve set out to achieve. 🥂

It’s safe to say that 2022 was our biggest year yet. This wouldn’t have been possible without the entire PMA team shooting for the stars, and working tirelessly to bring the vast amount of features, content, events, and products to make it the absolute best year ever.

And, we most definitely wouldn’t have been able to achieve this huge amount of growth without you - the product marketing community. ♥️

So, to ring in this new year and give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back, we figured we’d reflect back on our biggest accomplishments of 2022.

We’re so pleased to share this with you, and are even more excited for what’s to come in 2023!


Messaging Certified: Masters

We kicked off the new year by launching what has become one of our leading Master’s courses: Messaging Certified.

We’ve said it time and again, if you don’t take ownership of the message your product is sending, you’re leaving the door open for competitors to profit.

So, it was an absolute no-brainer for us at Product Marketing Alliance to create a course that can help you understand the foundations of creating and delivering a strong message for your product, engage with your audience effectively, and lay the groundwork for solid lead conversion.

Cohesively communicate your product today.  

Become a Messaging Master


Product Marketing Summit, Austin

Next up, we assembled our marvelous Events Team to gather the masses and put on another product marketing shindig that would ring through the ages - and boy did we deliver.

For our first event of 2022, we held the Product Marketing Summit in Austin, Texas. Product marketing professionals from the likes of Canva, Salesforce, Dell Technologies, and Ansys blew it out of the water and provided presentations that were impossible to miss.

Watch the awesome talks with the button below. 👇

Catch up today

Product Marketing MisUnderstood Event

A common experience amongst product marketers across the globe is feeling undervalued within their organization.

So, this year, we wanted to drive this conversation forward and work towards making this a thing of the past. 👋

At the Product Marketing MisUnderstood event, experts from the likes of Crayon, Dropbox, and Square gathered to provide insights into their own strategies to help you establish your role as a PMM, drive conversion and increase your onboarding funnel, measure PMM success against key metrics, prove value to key stakeholders, and so much more.

Relive the experience


Into the Fray podcast

To open up the month of March, we partnered with Crayon, and launched a brand-new series - Into the Fray: The Competitive Intelligence Podcast.

Tune in to access a breadth of transferable insights from leading companies like Talkdesk, Imperva, and jane.app and learn things you wouldn’t get anywhere else, like:

👉 How to train your whole company on competitive intelligence techniques,

👉 Creating a CI feedback loop to ensure it’s what your users need,

👉 How to prioritize your competitors,

👉 And much, much more.

Enhance your CI

State of Product Marketing Leadership report

As we entered the third month of the year, Senior Copywriter Lawrence Chapman brought the eagerly-awaited sequel to the 2021 write-up of the State of Product Marketing Leadership report.

This report was paramount in unearthing indispensable insights from industry experts that'll prepare you for a future leadership role, or help you refine your existing leadership credentials, including (and not limited to!):

📊Metrics advice that’ll help you measure and define success,

🎯A breakdown of micro and macro goals to support your PMM strategy, and

🦠 Candid advice on how to navigate challenges posed by the pandemic.

Get your free copy

Product Marketing Summit, New York City

At the Product Marketing Summit, NYC, we hosted a fabulous event with some of the industry’s biggest names and brains within the product marketing field.

Our ensemble of presenters to revealed their best practices, challenges, and experiences so you could stay on top of market trends, learn how to drive consistent growth, network and make meaningful connections with peers, discover new talent and scale your team, and much more.

We’ve got a treasure trove of awesome presentations from those two days, which you can watch at your own pace, in your own home, with anyone you’d like with our OnDemand service.

Get up to speed


State of Go-to-Market Report

April sprung us into action and we delivered yet another incredible report packed to the rafters with both qualitative and quantitative insights that made us - and hopefully you - very hoppy! 🐰🥚

This State of Go-to-Market Report 2022 was the first of its kind and covered all the fundamental intel needed to perfect your Go-to-Market strategy.

We surveyed product marketers from all over the world to bring you a mammoth 79-page write-up that helped you discover unmissable intel, refine your understanding of key Go-to-Market principles, and gain knowledge that’ll help improve launches for your future products and features.

Haven’t got your free copy yet? Then what are you waiting for?

Gain essential GTM knowledge

Product Marketing Summit, Denver

The fourth month held the third Summit, this time in Colorado.

Product marketers from the world’s largest companies and the most promising startups joined together at the Product Marketing Summit, Denver to share their most exciting success stories and experiences to inspire their peers to refine their strategies.

Catch up with every session from the two-day event with our OnDemand service, and learn from the likes of Square, Slack, Instacart, Cameo, and more.

Supplement your strategy

Storytelling Certified: Masters course

Looking to understand the science behind telling a story that sells?

Well, in April, we launched the perfect course for you!

Built by Elliott Rayner, Chief Marketing Officer at ARION, the Storytelling Certified: Masters course gives you actionable steps on how to:

💫 Construct a consistent storytelling framework,

💫 Connect better with your customers,

💫 Communicate to your audience with passion, and

💫 Have an impactful change on your product's story and success.

Learn from the best and start approaching storytelling in a way that breaks through.

Get Storytelling Certified

Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook

In April, we released our first-ever playbook! 🎉

Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook has been designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to build and refine your competitive intelligence (CI) strategy, and ultimately win your market.

Download your free copy and get:

📈 Six comprehensive steps that’ll push boundaries and drive you toward CI success.

🧠 Valuable and actionable advice from industry experts from the likes of ClickUp, Airtable, and Atlassian.

🔥 Key tips and tricks that’ll make even the toughest parts of the CI strategy clear and manageable.

🧑‍💻 Free useful templates to take your approach to the next level.

Move towards CI success

Product Marketing MisUnderstood book release

Our CEO Richard King, and CMO Bryony Pearce knocked it out of the park with the release of their first book: Product Marketing MisUnderstood.

If you’ve ever felt undervalued and unseen within your product marketing role, then this book is for you.

It’s been designed specifically to help you gain confidence in establishing yourself within your role, explaining your value to others, and give you the ultimate toolkit you need to go from…

Misunderstood to understood.

Establish your product marketing voice

Go-to-Market Certified: Masters course

Rounding up the month nicely was the release of another incredible flagship Master’s course: Go-to-Market Certified.

Developed and taught by stellar GTM expert and VP of Product Marketing at Gympass, Yoni Solomon, this course is perfect for anyone trying to strengthen their launch process.

This course will help you:

🚀 Grasp a proven product launch formula that’s equal parts comprehensive, repeatable, creative, and collaborative.

🧠 Gain the expertise and know-how to build and tailor an ideal product blueprint of your own.

🛠 Equip yourself with templates to facilitate a seamless GTM process.

Measure your progress and launch with precision.

Get Go-to-Market Certified


The definitive product marketing glossary

The beginning of May saw the exciting release of our product marketing glossary - the definitive guide to all those tricky words that you can’t manage to wrap your head around.

Never struggle with key product marketing vocab again. This is the only place you need to be for product marketing definitions, with over 100 definitions and more constantly being added.

From advocacy programs, to win/loss analysis, we’ve got you covered.  

Become a PMM pro

Metrics Certified: Masters course

Our internal course team stole the show this May with not one, but TWO invaluable Master’s courses for you.

The first of the bunch was Metrics Certified. This course has been built and developed by professionals with an extensive metrics background, so that you can finally be confident in your approach to gathering and measuring any product marketing metric.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to confidently:

✅ Use formulas to correctly measure key metrics.

✅ Identify which metrics you should track for each deliverable.

✅ Understand how your work can positively influence these metrics.

✅ Understand how to relate your KPIs to your OKRs.

✅ Confidently report on the impact your function has on the business.

Turn your metrics into real growth.

Get Metrics Certified

Market Research Certified: Masters course

Second of the bunch was Market Research Certified.

This course will equip you with practical and actionable advice, tools, knowledge, and skill set necessary to understand these aspects, completely streamline your approach to success, and make your life just that much easier.

By the end of this course, you'll:

🧠 Understand the importance and benefits of research for making the most impactful and strategic decisions.

🧐 Know how to research your target market, the different types of data you can use, and where best to source it.

🔬 Be aware of the best research methods available for conducting valuable data for your company.

✌️ Be able to consider the ethical implications of market research and data collection.

Get Market Research Certified

Product Marketing Summit, Amsterdam

The largest product marketing event was back again in month five, and this time, we visited Europe. More specifically, the Netherlands! 🇳🇱

Product marketing professionals from all across the industry met at the Product Marketing Summit, Amsterdam for unrivaled networking opportunities, insightful presentations from leading experts, and the chance to learn new tactics and strategies that would supercharge approaches within their own roles.

Catch up with all the action, elevate your role, and amplify your growth with the likes of Deliveroo, Booking.com, Klarna, Cisco, and more with our OnDemand service. 👇

Streamline your PMM approach

State of Competitive Enablement report

Next up, we partnered with competitive enablement (CE) platform Klue for the inaugural edition of the State of Competitive Enablement report.

We asked a vast range of competitive enablement questions, analyzed the data, and delivered an eye-opening report filled to the brim with CE intel, focusing on the following topics:

📈 Growth of competition,

💻 Remote working,

📝 Increased buyer education,

✅ Impact of change on PMMs,

🤐 Enablement difficulties, and

💰Proof of ROI.

Spend less time worrying about competitors, customers, and profits, knowing you have a team of sales experts who can also effectively carry out competitive analysis.

Get your copy

Leading the Way: The Sales Enablement Podcast

The cherry on top of this already very tasty month was the release of another awesome podcast. 🍒

Join Highspot’s finest: Marissa Gbenro, Director of Content Marketing, and Jarod Greene, VP of Product and Customer Marketing as they discuss the hot topics surrounding a key product marketing function. Yep, you guessed it, sales enablement.

Tune into Leading the Way: The Sales Enablement Podcast to get transferable expertise from a string of professionals who have perfected the approach and are ready to pass their wisdom to you.

Improve your enablement


Marketing Certified: Masters course

As we reached the halfway point of an action-packed year, we launched not one, not two, but three Master’s courses for your benefit. 😍

First up was a refresh of “all the marketing fundamentals all product marketing managers need to use in their everyday working lives.”

Marketing Certified was designed to clearly explain how product marketing and marketing should work together, how PMMs (you!) can influence marketing campaigns, and how to navigate the typical career trajectory from a product marketing lead into the C-suite.

Build the perfect working relationship with your colleagues, and improve your chances of success at becoming a part of the C-suite.

Get Marketing Certified

Sales Enablement Certified: Masters course

Next up was one of our most popular courses: Sales Enablement Certified.

Built by the wonderful and innovative Sapphire Reels, Director of Portfolio and Integrated Marketing at Pluralsight, this course is the most comprehensive take on perfecting your sales enablement best practices, launching and iterating on sales enablement programs, and ultimately increasing your conversion rates.

Get unprecedented access to one of the most respected sales enablement specialists in the industry to become an enablement pro.

Get Sales Enablement Certified

Consumer Psychology Certified: Masters course

And last, but by no means least, came a particularly intriguing release.

Built by Alex Chahin, Senior Director of Product Marketing at hims & hers, the Consumer Psychology Certified: Masters course delves into the fascinating relationship between consumer psychology and product marketing approaches.

Learn all about how customers spend their time, why they buy and consume what they do, what influences them to make a purchase, and much more.

Shape customer behavior in your own approach and become a better, higher-impact product marketer by taking a course that’ll get you and your product noticed in a way that it never was before.

Get Consumer Psychology Certified

Product Marketing Summit, Seattle

Next on the cards with, unquestionably, the largest conference dedicated to product marketing in Washington State: Product Marketing Summit, Seattle.

Featuring industry-leading speakers and unrivaled networking opportunities this summit was not to be missed.

Didn’t manage to attend? Catch up on talks from the likes of Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, and so many more, with our OnDemand service.

Tune in today

Product Marketing Summit, Las Vegas

After a whistle-stop visit to Seattle, our hardworking events team flew south to do it all over again in Nevada. 🇺🇲

The Product Marketing Summit, Las Vegas was filled to the brim with curated discussion panels, actionable keynotes, and opportunities to rub shoulders with the best of the best in the game.

It’s safe to say that our attendees walked away with a fresh perspective on their products, and an even fresher game plan for exceptional product marketing growth.

But thankfully for you, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas! Keep up to speed with the talks at the action-packed event OnDemand.

Accelerate your learning

Sealing the Deal: The Essentials of Sales Enablement playbook

June saw the release of our second playbook: Sealing the Deal: The Essentials of Sales Enablement.

Don’t miss out, get your copy and gain access to a host of transferable insights on the absolute fundamentals of creating a strong sales enablement strategy.

Convert prospects into real-life customers by learning all about:

🧱 How to lay the groundwork for sales enablement programs,

📝 Strategizing for sales enablement,

📈 How to prepare your sales team,

🪜 Structuring and scaling sales enablement,

✅ Key ingredients for sales enablement success,

📊 Measuring and defining targets,

🤖 The role of technology in sales enablement, and

💡 Transferable tips and tricks from industry experts.

Now that’s out of the way, what are you waiting for?

Seal the deal


Pricing Certified: Masters course

The start of July brought hot weather and an even hotter Master’s course: Pricing Certified. 🔥

Built and taught by a particularly savvy pricing professional, and VP of Product Marketing and Lifecycle at Kajabi, Tamara Grominsky, this course includes comprehensive pricing theory to ensure you and your team are capable of pricing a product effectively, setting you up for success in converting prospects, and holding onto your existing customers.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to confidently:

💰 Understand pricing strategies to a T.

💰 Be able to change your pricing confidently.

💰 Understand how to conduct a pricing analysis.

… and a whole lot more.

Get Pricing Certified

Product Marketing Festival

We also saw the comeback of one of our particularly special virtual events, the Product Marketing Festival.

We brought together the world's biggest collective of product marketers to share their success stories, experiences, and challenges for two days of game-changing product marketing presentations, guaranteed to leave you flush with groundbreaking strategies, tactics, and ways of working.

Catch up with every session of the PMM Fest, hearing from the likes of Square, Atlassian, Slack, TikTok, and more…

Watch OnDemand

State of Product Marketing report

July also saw the release of one of our most important reports: The State of Product Marketing report.

This report features diverse insights from product marketers spanning various levels of seniority, experience, and product type. We put the industry under the figurative microscope, offering an in-depth insight into how the role has changed during the last twelve months.

From our recent product marketing survey, you can expect quantitative and qualitative findings, covering:

🗓 How product marketing has changed since 2021,

🧱 Roles, responsibilities, and team infrastructure,

📊 Product marketing KPIs,

🧗 Highlights and challenges, and

💰 Product marketing budgets.

Plus much more…

Keep up with the latest developments and sync your product marketing efforts with current industry trends.

Unlock PMM insights

Putting a Tag On It: The Product Pricing playbook

We rounded the month with our third playbook of the year, which was designed to help you recognize the different pricing strategies you can use, choose the right pricing model for your product, and show you how to effectively implement and measure this for the maximum amount of sales and profit.

Putting A Tag On It: The Product Marketing Playbook is a great starting point for understanding the steps you need to take to get your stakeholders on board, work well with your customers, and optimize your pricing strategy so that it benefits everyone involved.

Get your free copy


Sales Enablement Landscape Vol 3 report

August saw the release of our third installment of a report that dives right into how product marketers and other sales enablement professionals are setting up their sales teams for success.

The Sales Enablement Landscape Vol. 3 report delved into a whole host of topics around this crucial product marketing function, including (and not limited to!):

🤔 How sales and sales enablement teams are structured,

🛠 Popular sales enablement assets and tools being used by other professionals to inspire success,

🤝 How sales teams are being supported,

⭐️ The role of product marketing in sales enablement,

💰 How much is being spent on sales enablement, and

💡 Top tips and tricks from sales enablement.

Enhance your enablement

5 essential templates for successful product marketers

But that’s not all for eBooks this month!

Having templates and frameworks in your product marketing arsenal is vital to the work you do.

So, we created a guide giving away five FREE templates from our Pro membership plan to give you the confidence to lead the way to stronger product marketing practices, and bring in those long-awaited profits.

What templates are in this guide?

  • 30, 60, 90-day framework,
  • Competitor SWOT analysis,
  • Value proposition outline,
  • Social media guidelines, and
  • Churn prediction framework.

Happy August - enjoy! 👇

Get the guide now


Product Marketing Summit, San Francisco

Our Events team took a slight rest in August to ensure they began September with a bang! 💥

The Product Marketing Summit continued its tour around the world, and this time, we settled in San Francisco.

By now, you know the drill. Catch up with the talks with our OnDemand service, and take some of the world’s most forward-thinking strategies back to your desk.

Watch OnDemand

PMMC: Core Live Workshop, San Francisco

For the first of its kind, we met in person for two full days of certification sessions where our hand-picked expert instructor took a group of eager-to-learn PMMs through all 11 modules of the PMMC program, with real-life examples.

What was included?

❓ Throughout the session, there were lots of opportunities to ask questions and take part in group activities.

🍹 Informal drinks at the end of day one with the Instructor and all the workshop students to network and pick each other’s brains (included in the workshop price).

🎥 After the session, access was given to all attendees for the OnDemand lectures, as well as bonus footage, for life.

👨‍🏫 Attendees were given access to join virtual weekly workshops - forevermore - for additional, group mentor calls.

🔖   After two days of learning, they were Product Marketing Certified.

Interested in taking part? Secure your spot in a workshop near you. 👇

Find your location

“You win some, you lose some”: Exploring the world of win/loss programs playbook

Our third playbook of the year, "You win some, you lose some": Exploring the world of win/loss programs, focuses on the intricacies of an area that's vital for every product marketer to know: win/loss research.

Delivered in partnership with DoubleCheck Research, this eBook will propel your win/loss programs, help you make educated and strategic decisions, refine your sales training, and equip you with insights needed to deliver compelling customer journeys.

Get expert insights

The Win/Loss Podcast

September was the month for win/loss programs, as we also launched The Win/Loss Podcast in partnership with Clozd.

During this exclusive series, Scott Knudson, Head of Sales Enablement, and Trenton Romph, Head of Marketing discuss how win/loss analysis can be used by product marketers to achieve their top goals and initiatives relating to key areas such as win rate, sales enablement, product roadmap, marketing efficiency, competitive intelligence, and churn and retention.

Sound right up your alley?

Tune in today


Melbourne, Atlanta, Sydney, and New York City Meetups

Our incredible Community Manager, Christina Graham, has brought the best for our community this year, kick-starting our in-person meet-ups in locations all around the world!

In October, PMMs gathered together to become acquainted with their local product marketing peers at four different locations:

🗺️ Melbourne

🗺️ Atlanta

🗺️ Sydney

🗺️ New York City

Wanna join the next one? We’ve got meetups happening all across the globe.

Find your regional chapter

Masters of Product Marketing

For two days in October, we assembled world-leading product marketers to provide talks full of successful, cutting-edge approaches and strategic implementations that would help to accelerate your career.

Why tune in to Masters of Product Marketing with our OnDemand service?

🎬 Break the cycle. Being a PMM leader can be tough and even the best of the best need like-minded peers to bounce ideas off. This is your forum.

🧠 Immerse yourself in the forward-thinking tactics and strategies being deployed at some of the biggest brands in the world - and take their successes back to your desk.

🙋‍♀️ Every story, challenge, and strategy is unique. You'll be able to pick the brains of crazy experienced product marketers and get answers specific to you.

Watch OnDemand

Transitioning to PMM Fundamentals course

Let’s give it up for our first-ever fundamentals course! 👏

There’s no denying that moving into a different career path than the one you initially sought out is stressful. But we have the remedy just for you.

Transitioning to PMM Certified: Fundamentals, has been designed to help you answer the age-old question: how do I get into product marketing?

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

✅ Understand why and how someone may transition into product marketing.

🤔 Know for sure whether product marketing is the right path for you.

💰 Plan your move into PMM from other specific job roles, such as product management, sales, and marketing.

✅ Implement the essential skills you’ll need for product marketing success.

🤝 Understand product marketers’ key role during product launches and cross-functional collaboration.

✅ Confidently prepare for your first product marketing interview with our example interview questions.

Enroll today

Meet the Masters: The Product Marketing Podcast

Choosing where to invest in your learning can be a momentous decision, so we're here to give you all the background info you need before becoming a master at product marketing.

Introducing: Meet the Masters: The Product Marketing Podcast dedicated to discussing the key facets of product marketing, with renowned experts who have been there and done it.

So far, our host Charley Gale has spoken to five incredibly talented and successful product marketing experts on their particular topic:

👉 Go-to-Market with Yoni Solomon, VP of Product Marketing at Gympass,

👉 Competitive Intelligence with Alex McDonnell, Market and Competitive Intelligence Lead at Airtable,

👉 Storytelling with Elliott Rayner, CMO at ARION,

👉 Analyst Relations with Daniel Kuperman, Head of Core Product Marketing and Go-to-Market at Atlassian, and

👉 Customer Research with Lauren Culbertson, Co-Founder and CEO of LoopVOC.

Transform yourself from a novice to a master.

Tune in

Product Marketing Summit, Boston

In October, we gathered a room of PMM peers for a day of non-stop networking, knowledge-sharing, keynotes, roundtables, and more at the Product Marketing Summit, Boston.

Keep an eye out for more Summits in 2023 to continue to break the cycle, collaborate, and spark new ideas - and don’t forget to tune in to Boston’s summit with our OnDemand service.

Catch up


The State of Product Marketing Report 2022 revealed 63.8% of product marketers identified competitive intelligence as a core responsibility of the role - so it was only fitting that we explored the area in further detail.

Enter the Competitive Intelligence Trends Report 2022.

We rolled up our sleeves, and held no punches as we dived deep into the world CI, focusing on a string of discussion points, such as:

👀 Which teams own CI,
🪜 How CI is completed,
💰 How much budget is assigned to the process,
🧗 Common challenges, and
💡 Recommended tips and tools.

Miss the report the first time around?

Get your copy

Product Marketing Summit, Sydney

At the start of November, the PMA team grabbed their passports (again!) and went Down Under, as we hosted the Product Marketing Summit, Sydney.

And boy, it was an event worth waiting for, with speakers from the likes of TikTok, Tripadvisor, Microsoft, and LinkedIn.

Couldn’t make it to Oz to experience the magic? No drama. Catch up on a whole bunch of presentations with our OnDemand service.

Tune in

Go-to-Market virtual workshop

Some things go together like two peas in a pod.

Batman and Robin, Mario and Luigi - product marketing and Go-to-Market.

Hosted by Top 100 Product Marketing Influencer Holly Watson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AWS, and host of the Ready, Set, Go-to-Market podcast, our Go-to-Market virtual workshop, comprised three one-hour sessions designed to help attendees leverage their next product launch and execute the process with precision.

PMMC live in person - Chicago

November saw us take Product Marketing: Core [Live & In-Person] to the Windy City - and our attendees were blown away by the comprehensive curriculum that came their way…

We were thrilled to welcome a string of product marketers at our Chicago event, ensuring they left equipped with the essential knowledge to help them understand the core principles of product marketing.

The good news? We ain’t planning on putting our passports away in 2023. In fact, we’ll be visiting a bunch of global locations to ensure PMMs can perform to their optimum potential.

Find a date to suit - we’d be thrilled to see you…

Get PMM Certified

Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto, Hamburg, and London meetups

November saw the exciting return of more community meetups! This time in five locations:

🗺️ Atlanta,

🗺️ San Francisco,

🗺️ Toronto,

🗺️ Hamburg, and

🗺️ London.

Find your regional chapter

PMMC: Core in-person in London

In November, we helped product marketers Get Certified as part of our two-day Product Marketing: Core [Live & In-Person] event in London.

During the two days, UK-based PMM enthusiasts enhanced their credentials with an ultimate interactive product marketing course, larger than Big Ben itself.

The good news? We’ve more dates lined up in 2023…

Get Certified

Get Certified

Product Marketing Summit, Chicago

The Product Marketing Summit, Chicago saw us deliver yet another enthralling event, jam-packed with insights from leading product marketing experts.

PMMs from the likes of Salesforce, Clozd, and Zendesk took to the stage, while Top 100 Product Marketing Influencer Madison Leonard offered her perspectives on product-led growth, and particularly, how to get a seat at the table and prove yourself as a PMM.

Whether you missed the action the first time or wanna revisit the presentations, you can do just that, with our OnDemand service.

Tune in

Product Marketing Summit, Toronto

Our global summits didn’t stop in Chicago…

We continued our product marketing tour with a visit to Toronto, Canada, where we welcomed the likes of April Dunford, Shopify, Xero, TELUS, and more.

Catch up

Product Marketing Trailblazers

Here at Product Marketing Alliance, we’re continually striving to deliver expertise from the leading lights in the industry, the stalwarts - the trailblazers.

We opened up our contact book, and recruited industry leaders, specialists who’ve set the loftiest standards, PMMs accredited with inspiring their colleagues to perform to the peak of their powers and hosted the Product Marketing Trailblazers event.

A spectacle awash with cutting-edge methods and expert perspectives, we were blessed to welcome the likes of Dropbox, Shopify, and GoDaddy, to name a few, for a celebration of innovation.

Join the Trailblazers

Storyselling Podcast Season Two

In the State of Product Marketing Report 2022, 66.9% of respondents considered storytelling to be an essential part of their role.

So, we teamed up once again with Elliott Rayner, CMO at Arion, and embarked on a second series of the popular Storyselling podcast.

Elliott welcomed guests from Juni, Backbase, and GoDaddy, and focused on intriguing topics such as:

✅ Using storytelling to break down B2B and B2C marketing,

✅ Using emotion and engagement in product storytelling, and

✅ Using storytelling to inspire audiences and customers to become storytellers.

Yet more compulsive listening from our bank of product marketing podcasts.

Tune in


Positioning virtual workshop

Product positioning is vital to your team’s success; if you fail to position your offering effectively, you won’t resonate with your target audience, and hard work, effort, and investment may well be wasted.

In our final virtual workshop of 2022, we teamed up with Julien Sauvage, VP of Corporate and Product Marketing at Clari, and delivered a three-hour session to help PMMs master the art of product positioning.

Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers report

As we prepared to enter the tail-end of 2022, we assessed nominations for our annual Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers Report.

We paid homage to the pros who’ve ​​sent ripples through the product marketing realm, inspired their fellow PMMs, and gained their insights on customer-centric marketing, product marketing predictions, and more.

Discover 2022’s influencers

Product Marketing Salary Survey report

We joined forces with Kompye to bring you our most comprehensive Product Marketing Salary Survey to date.

We lifted the lid on how much PMMs are earning, publishing three editions of the report:

🌍 Our global version,

🇪🇺 Our EU version, and

🇺🇸 Our US version.

It’s your golden ticket to establishing your true worth.

Download your copy

Product Marketing Summit, London

We kept things closer to home in our final Product Marketing Summit of 2022, welcoming an ensemble of elite product marketing talent in London.

With companies such as Spotify, Google, and LinkedIn in attendance, it was the perfect way to bring the curtain down on a year of memorable live events.

Catch up OnDemand

Product Marketing Insider Season Two

Following a much-deserved end-of-season break, (and an influx of requests!), the Product Marketing Insider podcast returned for an eagerly-anticipated second season.

We’re only five episodes in, and host Lawrence Chapman, Senior Copywriter at Product Marketing Alliance, has already welcomed a quintet of quality guests:

Madison Leonard, Head of PLG Product Marketing at Vanta

Sudha Ranganathan, Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn

Selin Tyler, Senior Director & Head of Product Marketing at Dolby Laboratories

Harvey Lee, VP of Product Marketing at Product Marketing Alliance

Rebecca Geraghty, VP of Product Marketing at Publicis

And with more guests in the pipeline for 2023, there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming months. But for now…

Tune in

And that’s not all…

This year was our biggest and best yet. But that’s still not everything we brought to the table in 2022!

Our wondering PMA members got extra exclusive content sent right to their inboxes, including:

📝 24 templates and frameworks

🧠 51 exclusive articles featuring intel from world-leading PMMs

… Now we’re in the next year, bring on 2023!

Written by:

Charley Gale

Charley Gale

Charley is the Content Lead at Product Marketing Alliance. She has a passion for creating new content for the community. She's always open to new ideas, so would love to hear from you!

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