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A little about Natasha

Natasha Katson is a Product Marketing Manager at Staffbase. After starting her career in PR, she switched to a more traditional marketing-focused path, first in the gaming industry, and then in the agency world where she split her time as a marketing and project manager.

From there, Natasha landed her first product marketing role at JetBrains, before switching to Staffbase, where she finds herself today. In her spare time, Natasha manages the PMM Underhood Twitter account, where each week she has a different guest author take over the account and share their thoughts on all things product marketing.

Key talking points

In this episode, the pair discuss how product marketers can create, manage, and evolve a healthy relationship with product managers and the broader product function.

From how to get off on the right foot, to how to navigate disagreements, Natasha provides actionable advice that any product marketer can leverage to have product marketing and product working in complete harmony.

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