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5 cool things marketers are doing in 2020

Aventi Group

Product marketing and marketing are two totally different entities.

We know that, you know that. But there is crossover between the two and your understanding and input to the marketing function’s activities can exponentially improve everyone’s efforts - and your career.

In our ‘Product marketing perceptions among the C-suite’ report, almost 50% of C-suiters predicted PMMs will make it into the C-suite by stepping up to Chief Marketing Officer roles, but to do that, a solid understanding of the discipline is inevitably needed.

So, whether you’re online or offline, B2B or B2C, or have direct involvement with marketing right now or not, this one’s for you and our friends over at Aventi Group have taken a look at five innovative campaigns and marketing strategies companies have executed recently that have had tremendous impact on brand awareness and demand generation. Check 'em out:

  • SAP was able to turn the idea of a customer reference program on its head with customers writing their own stories
  • Malwarebytes differentiated its offering with a clever campaign theme
  • Adobe improved results for its global and regional events
  • Unisys’ “Hack it. We Dare You.” campaign hooked into the gamer mentality among their target buyers
  • SAP was an early trailblazer in social media strategy and execution but continues to bring fresh, new approaches that lead the industry

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Aventi Group

Aventi Group

Aventi Group believes that successful Go-to-Market is key to revenue growth and they're the first product marketing agency solely dedicated to world class Go-to-Market execution for high-tech clients.

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5 cool things marketers are doing in 2020