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Top 12 customer and market research tools

Customer & Market Research

The days you’d pay someone to go door-to-door to gather facts about your product or service are thankfully (for everyone involved) long-gone, replaced by modern, sophisticated tools that streamline research and provide invaluable customer feedback.

Market research tools are more efficient, effective and diverse than ever before, but with all of that choice out there, picking the right one for you can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together a list of 12 of our product marketers’ favorites. Tried, tested and recommended by 600 of the industry’s finest.

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Amplitude’s Behavioural Analytics Platform goes deeper than just clicks and views to paint the complete picture behind how people interact with your product. It also identifies which personas are most likely to become power users, takes important product paths apart to help improve mid-step conversions, and gives you the tools you need to pinpoint growth opportunities.

In tandem with this, Amplitude Engage provides assets to personalize users’ experiences and act on the patterns they’ve shown. With it, you can push or schedule segment-specific campaigns in-app and monitor engagement, conversion, and retention data on-the-go.

Website: amplitude.com

Cost: not available online


Used by the likes of Unilever and Macy’s, Bazaarvoice is the world’s largest shopper network. In a nutshell, it helps organizations connect with consumers by serving authentic content (like reviews, ratings, questions, and answers) at the right time.

Their product and service umbrella’s split into seven pillars: ratings & reviews, questions & answers, connections, curations, sampling, personalization data, and brand edge.

Website: bazaarvoice.com

Cost: not available online.


Typeform strives to help you get more responses from your forms and surveys by making them engaging, conversational, and well-designed. Its templates cover everything from quizzes and polls to lead gen forms and online invitations, and you have the option to create personalized question paths, filter out irrelevant fields, and segment leads into your CRM.

Website: typeform.com



Although known mostly for its survey capabilities, from accepting online payments and analyzing NPS scores to automatically generating new content and creating forms, SurveyMonkey offers so much more.

Website: surveymonkey.com



Replacing coding with a simple drag-and-drop set-up, Formstack makes building forms easy, puts 100s of templates at your fingertips, and sends the information collected to the likes of PayPal, HubSpot, and Salesforce. Productivity-driven workflows and customer insights also come as standard.

Website: formstack.com



Survata’s a brand intelligence platform, provides customers and offers a suite of products to:

  • Plan: Brand Tracker, Creative Test, Audience Activation, and Instant Insights.
  • Measure: Brand Campaign Measurement, including brand lift metrics, audience targeting analytics, and persuadability scores.
  • Optimize: Bid Optimisation and Persuadable Audiences.

Website: survata.com

Cost: not available online.


The clue’s in the name, but UserTesting does just that. It gives you an insight into how users engage with your products, apps, and messages as the interactions happen, and you can either guide them through a real-time interview or let people record their opinions solo.

Website: usertesting.com

Cost: not available online.

“UserTesting is invaluable in both product development and product marketing. It offers PMs, designers and PMMs the ability to quickly validate hypotheses, ensures usability in design (and clear copy) and as a product marketer, I've used it to run lightweight validation of messaging and naming for consumer products early on in GTM planning.” - Katherine Maughan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, MongoDB


Statista holds statistics and facts on 1,000s of businesses, from 100s of industries and tonnes of countries. You can access figures and forecasts for consumer, digital, and mobility markets and with their consumer survey, you can tap into how 400,000+ people behave and interact with brands.

Website: statista.com



Respondent helps secure top-quality research participants for in-person, online, or remote studies. All you have to do is post a project (outlining your target audience), review and then invite applicants - if suitable - to take part, conduct your research, and then pay respondents via the platform.

Website: respondent.io

Cost: pricing depends on a few things, like whether or not you source your own participants, what incentive you offer, and if the session completes (if it does, an additional project management fee’s charged).


From brand tracking and pricing research to conjoint analysis and 360 feedback, Qualtrics employs a whole host of tactics so you can understand your customers, brand, and product like never before. It uses advanced text and voice analytics to uncover insights buried deep in responses and incorporates AI and machine learning to give recommendations and route them to relevant people.

Website: qualtrics.com

Cost: not available online.

“We use Qualtrics for more complicated surveys and have also used them to field pools for us, do complex coding, and basic analytics. I would say it’s the market leader on this and has deeper capabilities if you’re doing more complex studies (breaking surveys into parts for different samples, conjoint or van westendorp for pricing, etc.). The survey work we've done has informed our annual planning, fundraising, sales, and marketing strategy and product roadmap - it’s definitely an investment worth making.” - Kelly Esten, Lead Product Marketing at Toast


With Lookback, you can either perform remote research in real-time and ask people about their experience, or send a test link for them to complete on their own watch and then play it back at a later date. Whichever way you go, the end result’s a bank of knowledge into how users use your site or app.

Website: lookback.io



From identifying and ironing out visitors’ pain-points, extracting qualitative and quantitative insights on any online interaction, and delving deep into intricate events - like when someone clicks a bit of text, FullStory’s got almost everything you need to fine-tune your customers’ experience.

Website: fullstory.com


If you liked this article, there are plenty more customer and market research tools listed in our  PMM Tech Stack. You can also discover a ton of reviewed and approved tools to implement in your practice.

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Emma Bilardi

Emma Bilardi

Emma is a Manchester-based freelance writer. She's been writing for as long as she can remember, and in the last few years predominantly about product design.

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Top 12 customer and market research tools