So, you're new to product marketing...

Product Marketing

First things first: Welcome to the world of product marketing and the Product Marketing Alliance family! 🥳

We know things can be a little overwhelming when you’re entering a brand new industry, so we’ve taken the time to pop together a wee guide for you to help you navigate the site, get the most out of your experience, and kick off your product marketing journey in style.


If you’re brand new to PMM, here are a few quick links covering the essentials:

You name it, we’ve covered it; explore our entire library of content.

Product marketing framework

Our product marketing framework is based on five stages: discover, strategize, define, get set, and grow, and features everything you need to understand every stage of the product marketing cycle.

Product Marketing Framework | Product Marketing Alliance
Product marketing is an enthralling yet complicated area; there are a whole bunch of different concepts you need to master inside and out to satisfy your customers, motivate your team, and optimize your product. Enter our Product Marketing Framework.


Looking for some long-form content to satisfy your cravings?

Our product marketing eBooks explore key topics in a thorough, yet digestible manner.

We’ve left no page unturned - no pun intended.

Product marketing eBooks | Product Marketing Alliance
Wanna get your teeth stuck into a good old fashioned eBook? Your wish is our command. P.s. Don’t forget to keep checking back in, we’ll be adding to the list every quarter.

PMM Hired

Looking to progress in your product marketing career, or make the first step into the industry?

PMM Hired is PMA's specialist careers hub by product marketers for product marketers. Packed with interview tips, mock interviews, 100s of sample questions, and materials tailored to each product marketing role, it's the perfect way to ascend the PMM career ladder.

PMM Hired | Product Marketing Alliance
Everything you need to forge a successful career in product marketing.


Our trademark reports hone in on all the quintessential areas of product marketing, enabling you to quickly (relatively speaking!) get up to speed with everything the industry has to offer. Here are just a handful of them in action:

Check out the full collection. 👇

Product Marketing Resources
With our product marketing resources platform, you’ll have all the content you need to pave your product’s path.

PMM Talks

PMM Talks are live sessions giving you the chance to ask the industry’s leading lights their advice on a range of topics. What better way to hit the ground running that with pointers from the likes of Google? 😉

Product Marketing Talks - Knowledge worth knowing
Our live sessions provide invaluable opportunities to learn from leaders in the field, interact with others in the industry, and ask any questions.


PMMfixx is our streaming channel featuring a handpicked selection of our very best presentations.

Tune into hours of captivating content from PMMs at companies like GoDaddy, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Upskill and chill, with PMMfixx.

Product Marketing Fix | PMMfixx
Who needs to Netflix and chill when you can PMMfixx and upskill? We spent some time bookmarking our favorite presentations from the last 12 months’ worth of Product Marketing Summits & PMA meetups.

PMMC certification

Product Marketing core, our accredited certification program, focuses on indispensable areas of product marketing and equips you with the knowledge to take your career to the next level.

With on-demand and live and online training available, as well as options for full-team training, our programs are designed to support both entry-level and seasoned professionals.

Product marketing courses | Product Marketing Alliance
Looking to get certified? Then you’re in the right place. From product marketing essentials to narrative design and positioning master classes, we’ve got it all.

Membership content

A ton of extra content is available to members, including exclusive content, frameworks, and templates, access to PMM mentors, 200+ hours of video content...The list. Goes. On.

In a nutshell, if you’re new to the field, it contains everything you need to speed up your development and nab cutting-edge ideas. It really is the ultimate way to continue your professional product marketing development.

Product Marketing Alliance Membership Plans | #1 PMM Community
Unlock full access to Product Marketing Alliance and see the entire library of members-only content & updates