Product Marketing Summit London: speaker spotlight

We caught up with Jana Frejova, Product Marketing Lead at Spendesk ahead of her session on moving through the funnel as a product marketer at the Product Marketing Summit happening in London on November 26th 👇

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, my name is Jana Frejova and I'm Product Marketing Lead at Spendesk, which is a fintech company and I'm based out of France.

What will you be discussing at the Product Marketing Summit?

So my session is about moving through the funnel as a product marketer, I think that as product marketers are obsessed with new products and product launches. But actually as the concept of product led-growth is taking over, we have to start learning and focusing more on the customer engagement and upsell part. And I recently had to make that move myself when I moved from a company focused on marketing-led to a company focused on product-led growth, and I'd love to share the insights and learnings I've made and the changes I had to make with how I do things and how I think about things with other product marketers who may be going through similar change or who may be thinking about jumping the ship to a product-led growth company because it's pretty exciting.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

I'd love the attendees to leave with a really clear idea, uh, in terms of what the differences between being a product marketer for a marketing-led company and being a product marketer for a product-led company. So if they ever want to do, they're not scared to make the jump.

Which other talks are you looking forward to at the Product Marketing Summit?

I will definitely not miss April Dunford's session on positioning for two reasons. Reason number one positioning is such a core skill for us product marketers, and I think it's the one that we continuously need to train. And reason number two April Dunford, It's such a big name, especially on positioning, uh, that I just don't want to miss the opportunity of seeing her in real life.

Catch Jana's session along with a whole lot more from the likes of April Dunford, Sage, Expedia, Depop, Reuters and Facebook at the Product Marketing Summit happening in London on November 26th.