A little bit about Alison

In this episode of the Product Marketing Careers podcast, host Al Dea welcomes Alison Hayter, Director of Product Marketing at Loopio.

Alison has spent more than a decade in B2B marketing, primarily within high-growth SaaS companies. Recently, she's been leading and growing the product marketing team at Loopio, defining their Go-to-Market strategy and helping the team bring its vision to life.

An expert in cross-department collaboration, Alison has teamed up with Product Marketing Alliance to deliver a specialist Cross Department Collaboration Certified, a specialist course build to help product marketers extend their influence, build their internal reputation at their company, and deliver impact across the business.

Key talking points

In this episode, Al and Alison focus specifically on the importance of cross-functional collaboration, addressing discussion points, including:

  • What makes cross-functional collaboration so important for a PMM?
  • Instances when Alison has learned the hard way about why working cross-functionally is important.
  • Advice for PMMs around how to improve cross-functional skills.

Plus much more...

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