This week on Product Marketing Insider we’re joined by Lisa Edwards, Senior Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

During our chat, we lifted the lid on her exciting product marketing journey so far, which skills she thinks are critical for product marketers, her top tips for product marketing newbies, and a whole lot more.


A little bit about Lisa

Lisa Edwards is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

Before joining HubSpot, Lisa was part of the team at Gradient, an environmental services company based in Boston, Massachusetts, where she worked as a Marketing Assistant.

Persistence, positivity, and a passion for people are three key qualities earmarked by Lisa she says helps her accomplish her goals.

Key talking points

  • An insight into Lisa's current role at HubSpot.
  • Why Lisa wanted to become a product marketer in the first place.
  • Her product marketing career, from her first role to her current position at HubSpot.
  • How to execute an awesome product marketing strategy.
  • Tips for transitioning to a large-scale company from a comparatively smaller organization.
  • How product marketers can create and maintain long-standing relationships with customers.

And much more...  

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