Customer research defines your audience, enhances company focus, and negates unnecessary risks - but only when it’s done right.

Implement insights that drive revenue and become the ultimate strategic growth engine with our brand new course: Customer Research Certified.

We've outlined everything you need to know, including:

  • A full course overview
  • What you'll achieve
  • What you can expect in the course
  • Info about your instructor
  • The course curriculum
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Get certified, gain fundamental skills, and get to the heart of what your customers really want.

Course overview

You can’t afford to overlook what your customers are saying, thinking, and asking for.

Customer Research Certified covers the essential knowledge and tools needed to gather, synthesize, and analyze customer research, and transform those insights into actionable outputs that drive revenue.

You’ll be taken through a practical and actionable step-by-step framework that’ll define your product’s narrative, and enhance your value.

“Customer research should be in the core of every Product Marketer. If you need to sharpen your research skills and learn how to track the ROI of your research program, this is a course to take!”

- Igor Kranjčec, Head of Marketing at Mediatoolkit

“This course covers all-things VoC programs and shares fresh ideas for connecting deeper with customers. The course provides a bunch of templates, guides, and resources to give PMMs a huge jump start to implement their own customer research program and consequently drive product growth.”

- Iman Bayatra, Global Head of Product Marketing & Strategy at Coachendo

What will you achieve?

Complete this comprehensive certification and you’ll grasp the ins and outs of essential topics, including how to:

✅ Get buy-in from key stakeholders,
✅ Build a compelling business case,
✅ Collect feedback via surveys, interviews, and transactional channels,
✅ Structure questions and interviews to get the most powerful insights,
✅ Analyze feedback to inform your go-to-market strategies,
✅ Communicate and engage stakeholders,
✅ Measure the return on investment (ROI) of your research program, plus
✅ Why product marketing should own VOC programs.

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What can you expect in the course?

Get Customer Research Certified

Introducing your instructor, Lauren Culbertson

Lauren Culbertson is the CEO and Co-founder of LoopVOC, and a B2B SaaS product marketer turned entrepreneur.

After 10 years leading product marketing teams, Lauren left the corporate world to start her own software company, solving challenges she faced using customer feedback to drive product growth.

Her mission is to elevate the role of product marketing as a strategic growth engine by deeply connecting product marketers with the markets they serve.

Lauren believes that when PMMs have the insights to understand what customers need and where their markets are going, they can proactively evolve go-to-market strategies to build, position, and grow the best products.

Course curriculum

👨‍💻 Introduction & what to expect in the course
👩‍💻 Collecting and aggregating customer feedback
👨‍💻 Classifying and analyzing feedback for top issues
👩‍💻 Measuring the ROI of your VOC program
👨‍💻 Measuring your investment in a manual VOC process
👩‍💻 Measuring the investment of VOC with software
👨‍💻 Wrap up

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How to sell it to your boss

Customer research is fundamental and foundational to the long-term success of any product and company. However, without the right structure, golden insights get lost in systems, spreadsheets, and meetings.

This course gives away the most systematic approach to creating deep connections with your customers, implementing insights that drive revenue, becoming a strategic growth engine, and implementing tangible, company-wide change.

P.s. If you need help convincing your boss, we've done the hard part for you here.

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