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From consultant to Global Head of Product Marketing | Jameelah Calhoun, Eventbrite

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A little bit about Jameelah

Jameelah Calhoun is a growth strategy specialist with extensive knowledge in leveraging data to uncover insights to develop exceptional products and go-to-market strategies that delight customers and catalyze growth.

She's an established leader and has formed a reputation for thinking outside of the box, and securing buy-in from key stakeholders via compelling storytelling.

Fast-paced, category-shifting organizations appeal to Jameelah; she likes to challenge the status quo to enhance customer experience and differentiate herself from competitors.

Key talking points

During his chat with Jameelah Calhoun, Global Head of Product Marketing at Eventbrite, Product Marketing Careers host Al Dea discusses:

  • How Jameelah discovered product marketing.
  • What interested/intrigued her about product marketing.
  • Her process for making the transition into the industry from a consultancy role.
  • Jameelah's product marketing highlights so far, as well as her PMM superpower.
  • Challenges she faced in her early days in a PMM career.

Plus much more...

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Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

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From consultant to Global Head of Product Marketing | Jameelah Calhoun, Eventbrite