In this episode of Product Marketing Insider, host Lawrence Chapman is joined by Sandeep Bhara, Fintech Marketing Director.

Introducing Sandeep Bhara

Sandeep's a seasoned full-stack marketer and team leader with extensive international experience in the US, APAC, and MENA regions, including Central Africa.

During his career, Sandeep's gained experience in building teams from the ground up and has managed a team of over 20 people across the UK, Africa and Dubai.

Sandeep specializes in brand strategy development and execution, with strong ATL/BTL experience including TVC, OOH, and DOOH development and deployment as well as the development of brand health trackers.

He also has experience in product marketing, performance marketing, social, CRM and new market entry strategies, and has set up and managed agency partners/retainers.

Key talking points

Sandeep is a full-stack marketer, as well as a PMA Ambassador, and in this episode, he discusses:

• His experience transitioning from B2C to B2B

• Why he pursued a career as a full-stack marketer

• Transferable product marketing skills he's applied in his full-stack role

• Managing a team comprising team members situated across different countries and continents

• Predictions for the future of full-stack marketing

Plus much more...