Narrative Design Certified

Positioning & messaging

Later this year, HubSpot’s Product Marketing Group Lead, Marcus Andrews, will be starring in a narrative design course. That’s right, 2+ hours’ worth of narrative design awesomeness is coming your way VERY soon.

To be the first in the know, simply pop a few details in the form below and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s launched. 🚀

A bit about Marcus:

Marcus designs narratives, creates go-to-market strategies, and launches products at HubSpot. Before HubSpot, he was at Google, bringing AdWords and YouTube products to market. He was part of the team that grew the startup Wildfire, which was acquired by Google in 2012.

He’s fascinated with innovation, startups and new technology, is an ambassador for the Product Marketing Alliance, and regularly writes about product marketing strategy.

Other upcoming masterclasses: