In this special episode of Product Marketing Insider, Mikey Mioduski, Kelsey Jones, and Allie Wilson from GhostRanch Communications take the reins.

Tune in for some fresh ideas to bring to your team and how to keep up in the rapidly evolving presentation and visual storytelling space.


A little about Allie and Kelsey

GhostRanch Creative Director Allie Wilson and Kelsey Jones, Director of Account Management, have both had years of experience working with a variety of clients in the Product Marketing space.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, Allie and Kelsey highlight three C's to look out for in presentation materials: Cohesion, Composability & Continued Learning.

A little bit about GhostRanch

You probably haven’t heard of GhostRanch, and that’s because they live behind the scenes, helping B2B Product Marketers bring their stories to life with consultative presentation and sales-enabling asset design services.

Even though, as a product marketer, you’re often asked to develop some of your organization’s most valuable content and assets that help drive revenue and adoption, it’s rare that you have access to your own dedicated Design team.

As a result, you usually find yourself waiting in the same queue as the rest of the org. GhostRanch is that fractional design arm dedicated to helping Product Marketing teams bring their ideas to life with a level of responsiveness and collaboration that's hard to find in-house or from full-service agencies.