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Metrics Certified: Masters - Unlock a framework to turn your metrics into growth

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Measuring your product marketing success is notoriously difficult - but we’re here to change that and deliver clarity so you never have to worry about your metrics again.

Our brand new course, Metrics Certified: Masters, has been built to help you determine your strategic value and turn your metrics into growth.

Course overview

The product marketing metrics landscape is very broad. From Go-to-Market to sales enablement, demand-gen to product adoption, there are heaps of possible OKRs out there, and whichever you choose to adopt will depend on various factors, like your product, industry, and organizational goals.

This course has been built and developed by professionals with an extensive metrics background, so that you can finally be confident in your approach to gathering and measuring any product marketing metric.

Enroll today

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

🧠 Understand the entire spectrum of product marketing OKRs out there

🔥 Know how to apply every single OKR in your organization

✅ Self-identify which OKRs are best suited to your product/organization

📈 Know how to interpret OKR data into tangible action plans that drive business growth

📝 Understand how different departments tie into product marketing OKRs

👩🏼‍🏫 Know how to confidently pitch OKRs to your managers/the C-suite

Learn from the best of the best.

Unlock incredible bonus features from the best of the best within the product marketing industry. These metrics magicians know all there is to know about data gathering and measuring, and are here to help you become an absolute master of metrics. These include:

  • Mary Sheehan, Head of University Student, SMB, and Acrobat Campaign Marketing - Engagement & Retention at Adobe
  • Scott Shapiro, Director and Global Head of Product Marketing at Secure Code Warrior
  • Aaron Brennan, Head of Product Marketing at Redox

What’s included when I enroll?

👨🏼‍💻 13+ hours of course content.

🔥 Incredible bonus features with absolute experts in the field from the likes of Adobe, Redox and Secure Code Warrior.

🛠 6 tried, tested + vetted templates.

60+ exam questions to consolidate the course curriculum.

👌 Lifetime access to all the course’s content - including future updates.

🧠 Facility to ask text-based questions throughout, all of which are answered by a PMM leader.

🔖 Official certification if you pass all the exams.

⏳ 100% self-paced - learn at a time and pace that works for you.

But don't just take our word for it!

"Another deep-dive essential for product marketing managers. The course offers a detailed overview perfect for organizing metrics within the product marketing team and showcasing the tangible value of your work to the broader organization. I highly recommend this course to any PMM at any stage of their career."
Silvia Kiely Frucci, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Castor
"The core of PMM function is cross-collaboration with numerous teams, often making it hard to pinpoint the exact metrics we influence. This course not only inspires, but it delivers actionable metrics from the Product, Sales, and Marketing angles of PMM work. Priceless."
Igor Kranjčec, Head of Marketing at Mediatoolkit.
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Metrics Certified: Masters - Unlock a framework to turn your metrics into growth