On this episode of Product Marketing Life, host Mark Assini is joined by Aline Bezerra, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Crownpeak. Aline shares insights from her experience – as a solo PMM – navigating a merger, aligning different geographic cultures in Germany and North America, and leading the effort to implement a unified launch process.

With a background in international trade, Aline transitioned into product marketing nine years ago. She now leads the go-to-market (GTM) strategy for Crownpeak's Digital Experience Platform (DXP) products. After Crownpeak acquired Attract, Aline faced the daunting challenge of bringing together disparate launch processes from multiple merged teams.

Tune in to get all the details on Aline's experience and discover how she created cohesion out of launch chaos during a complex business integration.

‎Product Marketing Life: How to create a unified launch process: Insights from Crownpeak’s PMM | Aline Bezerra on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Product Marketing Life, Ep How to create a unified launch process: Insights from Crownpeak’s PMM | Aline Bezerra - Sep 28, 2023

Introducing Aline Bezerra

Aline Bezerra is an accomplished Senior Product Marketing Manager at Crownpeak with 9 years of B2B tech product marketing experience.

She has a passion for cross-functional collaboration, often signing off emails with her #BetterTogether slogan to promote teamwork amongst colleagues, and currently leads GTM for Crownpeak's DXP.

Her experience navigating a merger provides valuable insights for product marketers inheriting fragmented processes.

Key takeaways

  • How to map out product launch backlogs effectively.
  • Why building relationships and involving product managers (PMs) is essential.
  • How to test your launch process with a proof of concept.
  • Why tracking metrics matters in process improvement.
  • Why shifting focus to customer retention is essential.
  • How to prioritize customer satisfaction for long-term success.

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