Haythem Hammour, Product Marketing Manager at Trend Micro, was made aware of PMA membership plans after chatting with our Founder, Richard King.

Haythem had worn many hats in his various roles over the years. Having worked on many product and marketing initiatives his new role came with a new focus, go-to-market campaigns, competitive analysis, and driving growth in a mid-sized B2B market. PMA was exactly what he needed as he decided to invest in his product marketing career.

In this case study, he discusses:

  • Why he signed up
  • Why he picked us
  • Key outcomes

Haythem’s motivation

The networking opportunities that come with a PMA membership were what first prompted Haythem to invest. Access to the right product marketing talent and true experts in the field proved to be invaluable.

“At the time I was the first PMM that Brinqa had hired. I felt a bit overwhelmed and needed to understand how I could be a good PMM. By signing up for a membership, I felt that I would be able to leverage the shared professional experience to my advantage and excel in this career.”

Why the PMA Membership Plan?

In addition to the pool of experts in the field, Haythem was impressed by how actively engaged the PMA team are and how dedicated the team is to meeting the requirements of their members. The resources, specifically the templates, were also a huge draw for Haythem - he also got a lot out of the live webinars.

Key outcomes

Haythem is currently building a product marketing function and will be making use of the resources and teachings he’s accessed through his PMA membership.

“I am working on building a PMM team/function and for sure will include PMA memberships to my team. I’d definitely work with PMA again, in fact, I plan on taking other courses/certificates when they become available.”

Thinking about taking out a PMA membership plan? Access the content, tools, tips and templates needed to pave your product’s path. Head here to check out what’s on offer.