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Head of, Director, or VP of Product Marketing? This hub's designed for product marketing leaders like you. Whether you're looking for inspiration on how to structure and scale your team or advice on budgets, strategy, objectives, and more, right here is the only place you need to be.


How to drive company strategy with product marketing
In this article, I’ll discuss how to drive company strategy with product marketing by explaining how PMM teams can help set and drive overall strategy and key initiatives, get involved in the build, buy, partner decisions, and leverage pricing and packaging levers to drive growth and profitability.
Unifying your team around bringing a product to market
In this article, I’ll cover the go-to-market foundations and how to unify your entire team around bringing a product to market and ultimately, successfully quarterbacking a launch.
Mastering positioning for growth
In this article, I’ll explain three of the main competitors; the hordes, the giant, and the ghost, and walk you through how to position your products or services for maximum impact, with examples from my experiences not only competing but winning.
Product marketing’s path to the V-suite
I want to share some learnings from my career, discuss how as a profession PMMs have got to where we are today - somewhere very positive and in a position of increasing clarity - and how we can continue to prosper and demonstrate our value in order to progress further.
How to become a strategic partner in 90 days
In this article, I’m going to provide you with a framework you can apply as an individual, just for yourself. Maybe you’re not going to move mountains this year, but you’re going to start finding a level of confidence in order to attempt that next year.
Why PMMs should start thinking like CEOs
What I’m going to talk about in this article is some of the tactics that you can leverage to help people start seeing Product Marketing in a very different light. In fact, thinking more like a CEO and how it can help you benefit from a business standpoint.
Developing a product marketing strategy for mobile apps
Over the past year, I’ve been working on developing a product marketing strategy for Etsy’s mobile app, and I’m going to share a few lessons I learnt along the way. Hopefully, it will be useful to anyone creating an app marketing strategy from scratch, or anyone thinking about growth in general.
Developing a product marketing strategy for a freemium product
If someone wanted to buy our marketing tools, they had to do some research on HubSpot, get on the phone with a sales rep, purchase through a demo maybe and go through this long drawn out sales process. In 2014, we finally had this first freemium product.

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Building portfolio marketing teams in the next PMM evolution
My name’s Div Manickam, and in this article, I’m going to talk about how to build a product marketing team and also share a little bit about the evolution of product marketing over the past decade.
8 steps to build and scale product marketing
In this article, I want to share my experiences building and scaling the product marketing function across the previous four organizations I’ve worked for; GE, MailChimp, Etsy, and Zapier.
Built to scale: product marketing at Uber
I lead the global product marketing team at Uber and today, I want to share with you six lessons I’ve learned over the past four years because in this time, I’ve defined, built and scaled the product marketing org.
Aligning your product marketing with the rest of your company
Achieving that holy grail of aligning your department with the rest of the company can feel like the impossible task sometimes, but the good news is it’s within reach.
Building a bridge between marketing and sales
There’s a challenging area between product marketing and sales enablement and in this article, I want to go through some processes aimed at bridging that gap.
Successful product marketing at companies of every stage
Today I want to talk about what it’s like scaling product marketing at a company as it goes from a small organization to something much, much larger. My hope for this article is that you find it helpful whether you are an individual contributor, you’re a manager or you’re a leader.


The psychology behind pricing: 5 pricing principles
My name’s Phill Agnew and I’m going to talk about the psychology behind pricing. I’m going to walk you through five pricing principles and focus on two specific tactics that the majority of SaaS brands use, I’ll explain the science behind those.
Pricing & packaging pricing roadmaps to help grow revenue
When you layer on pricing and packaging and know how it hits the bottom line and revenues, you become a very powerful product marketer.
How product marketers can get a seat at the pricing table
Here I’ll explain how as a PMM you can get yourself a seat at the pricing table through the areas you can influence in your organization and a series of steps to success.

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Product marketing perceptions among the C-suite

Product marketing perceptions among the C-suite
Since our inception, we’ve done a lot to understand and elevate the role of product marketing from the inside out. This time, we wanted to look at the role from a different lens - through the eyes of the C-suite.

The State of Product Marketing Leadership

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State of Product Marketing Leadership Report 2021
To understand and unpack the role of product marketing leaders, we want to know what you - the most senior PMMs in the organization- have to say about it. From how you’d describe your leadership style to where you progress next, we’re looking for views from the top.