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June 2022


Sealing the Deal: The Essentials of Sales Enablement

Templates and frameworks

Value proposition evaluator - Onboarding

The KANO model framework - GTM

Exclusive content

How to grow your product marketing team for enterprise cross-selling | Bazaarvoice

Driving conversions and improving your onboarding funnel | Sitecore & Namogoo

Using customer-centricity to support your business | Axel Security

The challenges of launching a new blockchain application | Oracle


Competitive Intelligence Summit | Catch up with every session from the Competitive Intelligence Summit and hear from the likes of Adobe, Klue, Slack, and Google.

Product Marketing Summit, Seattle | Catch up with all the action from the Product Marketing Summit in Seattle. Elevate your role and amplify growth with the likes of Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, and so many more.  

May 2022

Templates and frameworks

Webcast/webinar strategy template - Go-to-Market

White paper template - Sales enablement

Exclusive content

Product-led growth: The rise of the user | OpenView

Product marketing and user research: From chaos to clarity | Canva

Does product marketing deserve a new name? | Cowbell Cyber

Building a product marketing team from scratch | Microsoft


Product Marketing Summit, Amsterdam | Catch up with all the action from the Product Marketing Summit, Amsterdam. Elevate your role and amplify growth with the likes of Deliveroo, Booking.com, Klarna, and more.


State of Competitive Enablement report 2022

April 2022

Templates and frameworks

How to reduce your churn rate - Sales enablement

New user email templates - Onboarding

Exclusive content

Data-driven storytelling that actually resonates | Trello

From zero to something: Bootstrapping product marketing | Crane Venture Partners

Why should a start-up invest in sales enablement? | Ometria

Which methods can you use to instill an awesome customer-first approach? | Amazon

The dark arts of data: From sales training to sales productivity | LogicMonitor


Customer Marketing Summit | Catch up with all the action from the Customer Marketing Summit. Master retention and amplify growth with the likes of Google Cloud, Salesforce, Meta, Adobe, and more.

Product Marketing Summit Denver | Catch up with every session from the Product Marketing Summit Denver and hear from the likes of Square, Slack, Instacart, Cameo, Adthena, and more.


The State of Go-to-Market Report 2022

Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook 2022

March 2022

Templates and frameworks

Social Media Guidelines - Go-to-Market

Marketing metrics - Go-to-Market

Exclusive content

How to build a customer success toolset with a limited budget | Seenit

Diversity and inclusion in product marketing | Audible & Facebook

3 ways product marketers can accelerate revenue with tailored demos | DemoStack

How to know your consumer in market research and win big | Vancery


Developer Marketing Summit | Catch up on every session from this year's Developer Marketing Summit. Hear talks from the likes of Google, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Amazon, and more.

February 2022

Templates and frameworks

Customer retention survey - Sales enablement

Follow-up emails for non-responsive prospects - Sales enablement

Exclusive content

How to foster collaboration between sales and product marketing | Talview

Why establishing your product hierarchy is critical to defining a value prop | Eventbrite

Building product principles | Arion

5 tips on how to scale your advocacy program | Scandit

On Demand

Product Marketing Summit Austin | Catch up from this year's summit and hear from the likes of Canva, Salesforce, Dell Technologies, and Ansys

Product Marketing MisUnderstood | Catch up on every session from Product Marketing MisUnderstood, and hear from the likes of Intercom, Crayon, Intuit, and Dropbox.

January 2022

Templates and frameworks

Campaign planning template - Go-to-Market

Value proposition research questions - Positioning

Exclusive content

Shift left: Transitioning from product marketing to customer marketing | Cisco

Product marketer- service provider or master of the universe? | DigitalOcean

Everything a product marketer needs to know about sales enablement | Salesforce

Challenges in product marketing recruitment & how to overcome them | LinkedIn

December 2021

Templates and frameworks

Churn rate prediction framework - Sales enablement

Time to value (TTV) framework - Onboarding

Exclusive content

A PMM's journey to launching a new category | Quantum Metric

Prioritizing personas as an investment in building a comprehensive lifecycle framework | Sovos

The science of product marketing | Achievers

A/B testing: your ticket to defining high intent customers for funnel acceleration | Toast


Product Marketing Trailblazers | Hear talks from the likes of Google, SoundCloud, Miro, Square, and more.

Product Marketing Fundamentals courses

Product Marketing: Fundamentals

Positioning & Messaging: Fundamentals

Sales Enablement: Fundamentals

Free access to an in-person summit

Your ticket to an in-person summit

November 2021

Templates and frameworks

CI for Sales and CS: Training exercise | Sales enablement

How to improve trial-to-subscription conversions | Onboarding

Exclusive content

Challenges in Marketing and Perception to Developers | Wix

Winning on all fronts: the CI backbone for every department | Crayon

Product marketing playbook for sales enablement | Saleshood

How to scale messaging in five clicks | Contentful


Product Marketing Summit London | Hear talks from the likes of April Dunford, and brands like Meta, Expedia, Group, and more.

October 2021

Templates and frameworks

CI for Sales and CS: Battlecard template | Sales enablement

Product upselling email template | Sales enablement

Exclusive content

Product marketing at category-leading companies | Peloton Interactive

Why product marketing deserves a seat at the strategy | Punchh

How to scale messaging in five clicks | Contentful

How to write a killer value proposition | Aventi Group


Masters of Product Marketing | Learn from brands like Facebook, Audible, Gong, Calendly, LinkedIn, and more.

September 2021

Templates and frameworks

CI for Marketing: Competitive positioning reference doc | Positioning

OKRs canvas | Go-to-Market

Exclusive content

Developing personas the right way | Veeam Software

How to develop your sales enablement team | Square US

What product marketers need to know about engaging developer audiences | HERE Technologies

Product marketing driven innovation | Albertsons Companies


Customer Marketing Summit | Learn from the likes of Facebook, Toast, DocuSign, Sage, and more.

August 2021

Templates and frameworks

Customer experience map | Sales enablement

Product requirements document template| Go-to-Market

Exclusive content

Fit to win and scale: how sales enablement & buyer enablement complement each other | IBM

Clarifying your role as a product marketer | Workday

Sales enablement and technology | Sage

Mars and venus research: market insights, meet data science | Tru.ID


Product Marketing Festival APAC | Catch up on every single session from the 2021 Product Marketing Festival APAC.

July 2021

Product marketing learning paths


Competitive intelligence

Metrics & OKRs


Templates and frameworks

Value proposition slide deck

Client pitch deck

Exclusive content

Enriching personas with jobs-to-be-done | What3Words

Product marketing's influence on the product roadmap | Conductor


Developer Marketing Summit | Hear talks from the likes of Google, Stack Overflow, TomTom, Wix, MuleSoft, and more.

June 2021

Product marketing learning path

Positioning and messaging

Templates and frameworks

Value proposition template

Exclusive content

How to align product marketing with your company objectives | Babbel

How to build products that meet customer needs | Coinbase

May 2021

Templates and frameworks

Data request form template

B2B segment profile interview questions

Exclusive content

A go-to-market for all | Amazon Web Services

Product marketing toolkits

Research toolkit | Everything you need to embody the voice of the customer.

Competitive intelligence toolkit | Crush your next competitive intelligence project.

Persona toolkit | Nail your personas. Propel your product.

Positioning toolkit | Hit a home run in your next positioning project.

Messaging toolkit | Make a mark with your next round of messaging.

Go-to-market toolkit | Hit your next launch out the ballpark.

Pricing toolkit | Everything you need to nail your pricing strategy.

Sales enablement toolkit | Step up your sales enablement game. Learn from the best.

Product marketing learning paths

Sales enablement learning path | Continue your professional development with this 7-week sales enablement program.

April 2021

Templates and frameworks

CAB strategy one-pager

Segment sentiment audit checklist

Segment hypothesis worksheet

Exclusive content

Product marketing in the industry that started it all | RBC Ventures

Data and CI for product innovation: enterprise vs. startups | GoDaddy

Creating effective marketing demo presentations | Talkdesk


Customer Marketing Summit | Learn from the likes of Slack, Adobe, Zendesk, Dropbox, and more.

PMM Talks | Catch up on sessions from leading experts in the field, including Crayon, Klue, Unbounce, Velocity, and more.

Product Marketing Festival | Hear from the likes of Uber Eats, Avalara, Peloton, Adobe, Gong, and more.

Science of Product Storytelling | Learn secrets for Storytelling success from expert Elliott Rayner, Head of Product Marketing at Babbel.

Strategic Product Marketing | Q&A with positioning maestro April Dunford.

March 2021

Templates and frameworks

PMA marketing mix framework

Pricing strategies framework

Product roadmap framework

30, 60, 90 day plan

Exclusive content

The art and science of storytelling | Extreme Networks

We do what here?! Best practices for sales enablement | Precisely

Crush CX with human-centered design | Tivo

Mind the gap: bridging the divide between sales & marketing | Centro

February 2021

Templates and frameworks

Customer journey map

Cross-sell template

Exclusive content

Jumpstart product adoption with these demand gen tactics | LinkedIn

Competitive intelligence 101 | Formstack

Principle-based product marketing | PRA Health Sciences

Unique challenges of product marketing in legal technology | Everlaw


Product Marketing Rendezvous | Catch up on talks from the likes of LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Salesforce

January 2021

Templates and frameworks

Converting freemium users to paid users

Porter's Five Forces

Exclusive content

Friction points in product marketing | Morningstar

Product marketing strategies for analyst relations | Jira Align

How feedback leads to more effective, data-driven marketing messages | Unbabel

The art of not launching a product | Sprout Social

December 2020

Templates and frameworks

Competitor SWOT analysis

New Product project planner

Exclusive content

Take your product marketing team to the next level | Narrative Science

Inspiring the next (cloud) generation of users | IEGL Technology

Better together: how technology partnerships drive happiness | RingCentral

Adventures of building a product marketing team | Flatiron Health

Augmenting product marketing: launching a new product inside a billion-dollar company | Duck Creek Technologies


Product Marketing Off-Piste | Learn from 50+ PMM innovators from orgs such as IBM, Uber, Zendesk, PayPal, and Klarna.

November 2020

Templates and frameworks

Product demo checklist

Pricing increase email templates

Guide to pricing models

Exclusive content

What product marketing can learn from brand strategy | Quizlet

Educating the next generation of your sales organization | Shopify

Becoming a translator for the C-suite | Google Cloud

8 tips for effective win-loss analysis | Clozd

October 2020

Templates and frameworks

Market sizing template

Sales confidence survey questions

Exclusive content

The 5 key ‘personas’ behind an award-winning go-to-market team | G2

Connecting content to your bottom line | Precisely

TL;DR: simplifying your message for maximum impact | Samsung Ads

How product marketers can get a seat at the pricing table | Demand Metric

September 2020

Templates and frameworks

Competitor Intelligence checklist

Win/loss email invite templates

Product marketing career table

Exclusive content

Improving conversion (and LTV) by adding steps to checkout | Bespoke Post

How to improve your conversion funnel without changing your product | Vivint Smart Home

Building a bridge between marketing and sales | Oracle

The enablement imperative | Highspot Inc.

Disruptive GTM strategies for exponential growth | Twilio


Strategic Product Marketing | Q&A with April Dunford, Founder of Ambient Strategy and Author of Obviously Awesome, and Marcus Andrews, Director of Product Marketing at pendo.io

Masters of Product Marketing | Catch-up on our 10-week extravaganza featuring elite product marketers, the cream of the crop - the Masters of the industry.

August 2020

Templates and frameworks

Storytelling template

Storytelling example

Product demonstration checklist

Exclusive content

Product launch and land: answering the what, why, when, and how | Dropbox

GTM strategy - 0 to 60 in one quarter | Asana

Driving innovation as a product marketer | DocuSign

Method marketing: immersing yourself with your target audience | Level Ex, Inc.

July 2020

Templates and frameworks

Product launch tiers

Sales Enablement maturity model

Exclusive content

How to nail product positioning when your company needs a refresh | MarkLogic

Establishing the product marketing function: how to help younger organizations realize the value | Lyft

How to craft KPIs for a killer competitive program | D-Wave Systems

Aligning your product marketing with the rest of your company | Calendly

June 2020

Templates and frameworks

Win/loss email invite templates

Sales playbook template

Exclusive content

Using your product to accelerate growth: a product marketers guide to product-led growth | Gainsight

What’s in a name? Adding method to the madness | Lyft

Ways to grow your (product) marketing career | Optimizely

Being customer-focussed at a product first organization | Shopify Plus


Product Marketing Festival | Relive the festival spirit and tune into talks from IBM, Privy, Adobe, Dropbox, Zuora, and more.

May 2020

Templates and frameworks

Guide to pricing models

What is product marketing slide deck

Objection handling script

Exclusive content

How to incorporate the voice of the customer into your product marketing strategy | Amazon

Change tack and move from features to what customers really care about | Juvo

4 ways to sharpen your go-to-market focus with customer segmentation | InsideView

April 2020

Templates and frameworks

Buyer funnel [stages + tactics]

Sales email templates

Exclusive content

Developing a product marketing strategy for a freemium product | HubSpot

Building a data-driven win-loss program | Toast

Built to scale: product marketing at Uber | Uber

Beyond the roadmap: creating differentiation through product marketing love | Deliveroo

Pricing and packaging pricing roadmaps to help grow revenue | Zuora

March 2020

Templates and frameworks

Jobs-to-be-done canvas

Competitor Intelligence checklist

Exclusive content

Successful product marketing at companies of every stage | InVision

Simple strategies to cut through the noise and engage sales | Mirakl

Developing a product marketing strategy for mobile apps | Etsy

Marketing VR apps: lessons from Facebook’s experiences | Facebook

February 2020

Templates and frameworks

SMART template [blank]

SMART template example

Exclusive content

How to become a product marketing scientist | Morningstar

Why PMMs should start thinking like CEOs | Zscaler

January 2020

Templates and frameworks

Pricing increase template

Sales one-pager template

Sales one-pager example

Exclusive content

Turbocharge your growth with segmentation | Unbounce

How to become a strategic partner in 90 days | Twitter

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